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The day of rest??

It’s Sunday. We are in mid-tidying frenzy as I am determined to get our kitchen reorganised and the hallway clear in anticipation of the arrival of a large Essentials delivery. Scary scary. In between tidying and directing, we have been very busy today.

We finally dug our potato council potatoes up. Got a fab haul is year, really pleased with our efforts, and having a roast chicken with beautiful, fresh, boiled potatoes to celebrate!!  We didn’t quite the timings right, so can’t enter our results in 😦 Will try harder next year!

E and H are into baking at the moment, so asked if they could make some biscuits. Not best timing when mid-kitchen mayhem, but we managed it. E couldn’t cope with the stickiness of the dough, so H and I followed the recipe directions, which said to put the dough between a folded sheet of greaseproof paper and roll away. This worked really well, and will be definitely using this method in future! H and I cut out all our shapes, H rolling her own dough and doing her own shape cutting, then piled them in the oven. Recipe was for 30 but we seem to have made double that using small cutters, so all good!

E then decided to make the hairy caterpillar from her Rainbows handbook. I bought the bits to do this about a year ago, and she finally decided to do it today…probably to do with clearing out the hallway and finding the stash! Required a pair of stockings, elastic bands, sawdust, grass seeds, decorations to make a face. E mixed the saw dust and seeds (we didn’t have any grass seeds, so hoping cress and mustard seed will work??!) then spooned mixture into one of the stockings. she then tied the end with an elastic band, then 3 more bands along the length to make a series of caterpillarish bulges. She then drew a face on the front with permanent marker and put it in an old ice cream tub and covered in water. Will see how it grows!!

L took the remaining sawdust mixture and happily sat spooning it backwards and forwards between two bowls.

It’s E’s birthday next week, and we are planning an outdoor mini-celebration with hopefully lots of bubble-blowing. I’ve been gathering bubble blowing ideas from Pinterest, and tried out one of the ideas today. We bent a pipe cleaner so it had a heart-shaped loop at the top, then dipped in fairy liquid and water mixture. It blew lovely big bubbles. Here are a few more of my bubble-blowing ideas!

Right got more washing to put on, and a dishwasher to empty. Oh and must get dressed…it is nearly 2pm after all!

Later update…ended up going on a nature walk this afternoon, we’ve found our local ponds (very newly made) are finally teeming with life.  We saw loads of different butterflies, beautiful dragonflies, watersnails, and lots and lots of frogs!


E catching frogs



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Wonderful Wednesday

It has been beautiful today, been in a grump the last couple of days, but today has been bright and sunny, gorgeous and wonderful.  We had a slow start, but had a short notice picnic invite, which saw us sunbathing in the park while the kids had loads of fun with their friends.  We then moved onto our home ed group, which was quiet due to some football game (???!!!), but got to enjoy the sunshine, and made origami boats which we sailed in a washing up bowl, and some of the kids ran around with water pistols.  A lovely summers day.  The end was slightly fraught, as E decided to have a complete meltdown, but it was all solved with ice cream bribery 🙂

Snapped this one yesterday evening, when they were all zombified and ready for bed!

Is it bedtime yet?

I’m just off to add in all the photos for this week’s blogging that I missed out!

Done!  Now just realised I’ve missed loads of stuff on here.  Last night and tonight has seen us polish off our delicious, home-grown potatoes!  Our bucket of carrots are now sprouting, and sunflowers are growing everywhere, many self-planted.  We all enjoyed a bowl of cherries from our tree this morning too 🙂

The broad bean plant in the jam jar experiment is now colossal! Must plant it outside asap!

In our local paper yesterday, E and I read an article about seagull attacks which tied in nicely to last Thursday’s events!

We had a trip to our local library on Monday to find books on E’s list of things she wants to learn about.  There were no books on the Tudors, only 1 on the Battle of Hastings and none on Charles’ I and II.  I decided to take the plunge and try out the Library’s Education Service.  I rang this morning, they were really enthusiastic and helpful, and my box of books on the Tudors should be available for collection from our local library very soon!

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The peace is shattered

The girls are back from their weekend with B, visiting his family.  L and I have enjoyed the peace very much!  After their initial gushing, telling me all they had been up to, E came up and gave me a cuddle and said she’d loved being in her own home.  H, after giving L a bear hug, disappeared for ages into the playroom, reacquainting herself with all her toys.

They got home after 7pm, but E informed me she’d been stuck in a car ALL day, and needed to do something.   She started by pulling up our Potato Council potatoes.  We washed, dried and weighed them – I must remember to submit our results now!

Vale Emeralds on the left, Rockets on the right

She also picked some lettuce, and weighed that too!  She then moved onto painting the inside of an old ice cream tub…

Later on E was playing with her blackboard, she wanted to make a list of things she wanted to learn about – gasp!!!  I helped her spell:  Tudors, Hastings (battle of!), Charles I + II, and medsn (E’s own spelling, as she wants to know about medicine used during wars apparently… I don’t even  know where to start on that one!).  The blackboard writing then turned into a game of Hangman.  She came up with a couple of good words on her own, then she did one which was just a collection of letters!  She got frustrated and said she didn’t know any words.  I pointed out that she knew quite a few.  She had a few more goes with her name, H’s name, and daddy.  She did really well playing along with my words, and working out how to say them out loud at the end.


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My…haven’t you grown!

After a week away, I’m amazed how much all the planty-things have grown.  We planted 3 broad beans in a jam jar a couple of weeks ago to watch them grow.  When we  left the beans had one small root each, but we came back to this monster:

Broad bean giant

This year we’ve taken part in the Potato Council’s scheme to Grow your own potatoes, with potatoes for schools, specifically for primary schools and home educators!  You get sent a pack like this with everything you need, and off you go.  They’ve got to be harvested by 22nd June, so nearly there!  At the moment they look like this:

Potato plant beauties

The ones on the left are Rockets, and on the right are the Vale Emeralds.  The VEs have flowered while we were away so are looking much prettier!!  The things on the far right are some mainly dead sunflowers and some sickly looking tomato plants…oops.

Registration for 2011 is now open, so register now!!!


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