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Post 101

We’ve had a busy old week.  We’ve managed to fit in a family birthday celebration, a short camping holiday, a mini-olympics for E, a home-ed meet, a gym session for H, and birthday party planning for E.  In between all this, there has been lots of learning going on!

We picked up our box of books on the Tudors from the Library Education Service this week.  It has a fab range of books, and also a DVD on Tudor Life produced by Channel 4.  E had this in the machine within seconds, and has watched it several times.  Her friend came over to play, and she excitedly told him that they could go and watch her new dvd on the tudors…he looked horrified!  Obviously not his idea of fun 😉

E has done her new reading trick again, and read a page or 2 of one of her favourite books to me, while double checking the words to match the word she was saying to the one on the page.  Definite progress!

She also had a writing moment, and wrote the name of the moment Lily Rose (H has decided she wants to change her name to this??), but spelt it: Lili Ruos.  And also her constant companion Crabbie was written as: Crabe, which I couldn’t really fault!

H is learning letters by the second, and has got her numbers pretty much taped.  I tested her on some numbered parking spaces while we were on holiday, and she can recognise all the digits 0-9 now.  She’s fab!

This week I’ve finally put up a clock in the kitchen that I bought ages ago which has o’clock, five past, ten past etc printed round the outside.  I’m going to have a go at getting the girls to learn how to tell the time…we’ll see how I get on!

Today E discovered an origami giftset that I bought for £1 (!!!) at a car boot sale a few weeks ago.  Luckily the instruction booklet is actually easy to follow, unlike many I’ve come across before, so she and I have spent many happy minutes constructing cat faces, dog faces, jumping frogs, beating hearts, flowers etc.  I love car boots!!

Tomorrow is E’s 6th Birthday :-O  Scary stuff, how did she get that old?!  She is VERY excited!!

We’ve had a couple of ‘moments’ today, where E and I were definitely not seeing eye to eye.  I went shopping this evening and came back to find that she had asked B if it was ok to use the hoover, and had cleaned the sitting room, including moving all the sofas out to clean round them.  Apparently she thought it might make me happy!  See she’s a softie really, underneath her argumentative, combatative exterior!!


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Wonderful Wednesday

It has been beautiful today, been in a grump the last couple of days, but today has been bright and sunny, gorgeous and wonderful.  We had a slow start, but had a short notice picnic invite, which saw us sunbathing in the park while the kids had loads of fun with their friends.  We then moved onto our home ed group, which was quiet due to some football game (???!!!), but got to enjoy the sunshine, and made origami boats which we sailed in a washing up bowl, and some of the kids ran around with water pistols.  A lovely summers day.  The end was slightly fraught, as E decided to have a complete meltdown, but it was all solved with ice cream bribery 🙂

Snapped this one yesterday evening, when they were all zombified and ready for bed!

Is it bedtime yet?

I’m just off to add in all the photos for this week’s blogging that I missed out!

Done!  Now just realised I’ve missed loads of stuff on here.  Last night and tonight has seen us polish off our delicious, home-grown potatoes!  Our bucket of carrots are now sprouting, and sunflowers are growing everywhere, many self-planted.  We all enjoyed a bowl of cherries from our tree this morning too 🙂

The broad bean plant in the jam jar experiment is now colossal! Must plant it outside asap!

In our local paper yesterday, E and I read an article about seagull attacks which tied in nicely to last Thursday’s events!

We had a trip to our local library on Monday to find books on E’s list of things she wants to learn about.  There were no books on the Tudors, only 1 on the Battle of Hastings and none on Charles’ I and II.  I decided to take the plunge and try out the Library’s Education Service.  I rang this morning, they were really enthusiastic and helpful, and my box of books on the Tudors should be available for collection from our local library very soon!

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The peace is shattered

The girls are back from their weekend with B, visiting his family.  L and I have enjoyed the peace very much!  After their initial gushing, telling me all they had been up to, E came up and gave me a cuddle and said she’d loved being in her own home.  H, after giving L a bear hug, disappeared for ages into the playroom, reacquainting herself with all her toys.

They got home after 7pm, but E informed me she’d been stuck in a car ALL day, and needed to do something.   She started by pulling up our Potato Council potatoes.  We washed, dried and weighed them – I must remember to submit our results now!

Vale Emeralds on the left, Rockets on the right

She also picked some lettuce, and weighed that too!  She then moved onto painting the inside of an old ice cream tub…

Later on E was playing with her blackboard, she wanted to make a list of things she wanted to learn about – gasp!!!  I helped her spell:  Tudors, Hastings (battle of!), Charles I + II, and medsn (E’s own spelling, as she wants to know about medicine used during wars apparently… I don’t even  know where to start on that one!).  The blackboard writing then turned into a game of Hangman.  She came up with a couple of good words on her own, then she did one which was just a collection of letters!  She got frustrated and said she didn’t know any words.  I pointed out that she knew quite a few.  She had a few more goes with her name, H’s name, and daddy.  She did really well playing along with my words, and working out how to say them out loud at the end.


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Seagulls are evil!

Today has been one of those full-on, child-led learning days.  Its been an education!!  Apologies, as this is a long one…

While H went off to her gym class, I had a couple of jobs to do which involved driving to lots of places and popping in for 2 seconds.  When we’d finished we were driving past the docks and saw a sign about an arts and crafts shop which I’d completely forgotten had recently opened.  We decided to stop and have a look as we still had some time before H was due back.  We had a mooch around and E gasped in awe and amazement and all the locally crafted stuff, and decided she wanted to buy a highly expensive painting on canvas…they had a greetings card version of it luckily, so got off lightly 😉  They were advertising arts and crafts workshops too, but apparently not planning to run any for kids at the moment 😦  I left my name with them as E would be really interested in anything like that, and I’m sure I could find a gaggle of equally keen local HEors if they could put something on!!

We came out of the shop, and the lock was straight in front of us.  E wanted to walk across the lock gate bridge and peer over the side.  We heard a great deal of commotion and found that a mother duck and 2 ducklings were in the main dock, and a little duckling was stuck the other side of the gate in the lock, who must have been swept in as it was filling.  E wanted me to go and buy a net and fish it out!  Luckily someone more quick thinking went and spoke to the lock keeper who opened the lock gates.  This involved lots of noise and beeping, which I think disorientated the mother and ducklings who were struggling to find eachother.  At that moment I saw the helpful man chasing a seagull, and he came back with the news that a seagull had swooped in and taken the duckling 😦  I was really shocked! Nature can be truly horrible!  We had been watching all these events, willing the baby to find the mum…poor E.  I checked that she understood what had happened, and she had.  She suggested we caught the gull and cut it open to get the duckling back…too much Little Red Riding influence there I think!  We walked back to the car, and she admitted she was more upset about the duckling than she was about her recently departed rabbit.  We talked about seagulls on the journey home, and where they are from at the seaside, and the type of food they eat, and why they are now found in cities like ours.  E has had past incidents with seagulls including being divebombed with poo, so they are not her favourites!!  I mentioned culling, which I know is done in our city centre, where they oil the eggs, and E could see why this would be necessary, and we spotted loads of gulls sitting on roofs all the way home.

We also talked about food chains, and where we fit in, and where sea gulls fit in, and how they scavenge for food.  If an animal has no food source it cannot survive, we talked about extinction, and then how seagulls eat anything, so they are very successful in that way.

Car conversations are great for exploring loads of subjects, and we moved from seagulls to pigeons, another pest bird in cities, and then to rats.  I told E that during the Tudor-age (a favourite subject of E’s) rats carried the plague, and lots of people died, we talked about sanitation and how it has changed since then, and how they used to throw the chamber pot-contents out of the window!

We had fab friends over for lunch and to play for the afternoon, and I heard E tell my friend all about the duckling and everything we’d talked about.  It turns about that she had taken part in egg oiling previously for the local council, and that they also replace eggs with dummy eggs, anything to stop so many eggs hatching, while tricking the birds into not laying replacement eggs or making a new nest.

After E had been begging me to use my sewing machine to make costumes using the book she got from Hobbycraft the other day, I thought I better do something!!  Knowing my friend was a whizz with a sewing machine I asked her to give me a lesson or 10 in how to set-up and use ours!  We managed it, and E even made a little cape for a wooden spoon with her new found skills.  Now I’ve got over my fear of the thing, I’m confident we will be using it often!! Now to invest in some cotton and some material…

Rather than doing useful things like putting the kids to bed this evening, I found a neat little game on food chains which I started playing on my own, knowing that if I called E over to have a look she wouldn’t be interested…but luckily she noticed and came over to have a nose and ended up taking over!  She completed the whole thing, and found out some new things that she didn’t already know, and found several things she did already know too.

She then asked if we could find something on Tudors and rats, and she suggested Horrible Histories, and even showed me how to find the webpage!!  We found another neat little game which she absolutely loved, which has a Tudor street-scene, complete with rats, poo and other delights!  She was a bit worried that it had lots of reading, but I sat with her for a bit, and she realised that it read out all the text, so she settled down to it while I got H to bed, and kept running up to tell me what she’d discovered, including a woman in a theatre, who turned out to be a man!  I explained about there being no actresses in theatres then, and men had to play all the parts.  This particular example was Juliet from Romeo & Juliet.

I think that’s enough learning for one day?!

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