A starting point

A growing number of people are turning to Home Education in our neck of the woods.  Very exciting!  Here is a list of links I usually share with friends who ask for some pointers when starting out in HE:

Yahoo groups to join (ONLY if you are HEing or thinking of HEing):

– GlosHomeEducators, is a group for those HEing or thinking of HE, in Gloucestershire to share events, activities, links or ask for local help! To subscribe send an email to:

– TuffleyHomeEducationGroup, is a group to discuss and advertise activities at Tuffley Home Ed group that runs twice a month in Gloucester.  To subscribe send an email to

– EarlyYearsHE is a national HE forum for parents of children under 8yrs, to exchange ideas, resources, and ask thought provoking questions!  To subscribe send an email to

Websites to visit for initial HE information:

The Muddle Puddle site is a good starting point as a source of information on different educational philosophies, books, resources etc.

Education Otherwise charity, supported by subscriptions from Home Educators, has membership contact lists, and lots of templates for school deregistration letters etc. Good resource, but debatable politics behind it.

Home Education UK – useful legal information and starting point.

Websites to visit for inspiration and ideas:

I personally find blogs written by other home educators a great source of information and ideas! This is blog ring is a good starting point, and each blog usually has a list of other blogs worth following, so surf away!

This is a new list on an unschooling blog of ofher unschooling blogs, which might make an interesting read!

My newest find is Pinterest, I’m accumulating a nice list of HE activities on my boards!

Actual Education links…!

Education City offers online access to literacy, maths, science and language games. Can recommend, and am signed up to a year’s subscription for my 2 eldest.

Reading Eggs is the first reading-type scheme my 6 yr old has ever embraced…have even been impressed enough to take out a subscription!

Toy Theater has a range of FREE educational games, which my 4 yr old loves.

Local resources:

Gloucestershire Resource Centre, or Scrapstore, where with annual membership you have access to their warehouse of goodies!

At Bristol – fantastic hands-on science centre.

National Trust – there is a home educators discount on annual family membership, provided it is only used in weekday termtimes.

English Heritage – if visit is booked in advance, will provide free access to their sites to Home Educators.

I think I’ve missed quite a few things off this list, so will keep adding to it if that’s ok?!


2 responses to “A starting point

  1. asensitivelife

    June 20, 2011 at 10:59 am

    Thank you. Very useful to have this all in one place 🙂

  2. Schools Out

    June 20, 2011 at 5:31 pm

    Hope it’s of some use! The adventure starts here 😉


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