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Hooray for handstands

We’ve had a busy couple of weeks, probably plenty to blog about, just somehow not got round to it.

Because of the school holidays, ridiculously, many of our normal home ed groups aren’t running, so we’ve been making the most of all the different opportunities available during the holidays.  E has been on a 2 day ‘cheer’ camp, where she learned cheerleading routines, got made up in pink and sparkly make-up, and had girly ribbons tied in her hair.  She was also shown how to do cartwheels properly (she’s been trying to teach herself how to do them!), and also handstands.  2 weeks later and she’s pretty much got them taped, and has been teaching anyone who comes within hearing range how to do them too!!  Today she also tried out a gymnastics class, and was shown how to do backwards somersaults, so she’s been practising them all afternoon!  This evening she had her swimming lesson, and got the results of her assessment last week.  She didn’t pass on three points: push and glide on her front and flipping on to her back, then on her back and flipping onto her front , and full submersion to pick something up without goggles.  We practised these at the weekend, and think she could probably do them now, but its the first series of lessons that she’s actually been challenged, I think she sailed through the previous groups.  So she’s still in yellow group, but she can swim 10 metres on her front and back!

We held our first home ed family art and craft group last week.  It was fab, and we had 7 families with children aged from 0-12yrs.  I made my own paper mache paste from flour and water, and had loads of balloons, cardboard and newspaper, and many creations were made.  There was also lots of painting and sticking going on too.  I think everyone had fun!  This week there is an art and craft day at a locally run craft centre that we (local home ed community) have been invited to go to, with jewellery making, bath bomb making etc.  I hope its as good as it sounds!

I’ve been kicking myself (again) about E and her reading.  I’ve been working through phonics letter by letter with her, wondering if that is maybe what she needs to kickstart her reading.  Then of course she came to me saying I’ve written ‘sparkly stickers’!  She had in fact written ‘sparcle sticus’!!  I think I just have to accept that she’s not going to come out and show me her reading skills until I’m not expecting it.  She’s storing all her knowledge away.  I keep reading that people have found that their children have suddenly started reading using comics.  Today, E decided to launch her reading skills using a leaflet from some medicine I had just bought: ‘Do not use if the wart, verruca or surrounding area is inflamed.’  Ok she read all the words with less than 3 letters, but had a good stab at the rest!  Thought I’d note it here for posterity!!


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