Wonderful Wednesday

23 Jun

It has been beautiful today, been in a grump the last couple of days, but today has been bright and sunny, gorgeous and wonderful.  We had a slow start, but had a short notice picnic invite, which saw us sunbathing in the park while the kids had loads of fun with their friends.  We then moved onto our home ed group, which was quiet due to some football game (???!!!), but got to enjoy the sunshine, and made origami boats which we sailed in a washing up bowl, and some of the kids ran around with water pistols.  A lovely summers day.  The end was slightly fraught, as E decided to have a complete meltdown, but it was all solved with ice cream bribery 🙂

Snapped this one yesterday evening, when they were all zombified and ready for bed!

Is it bedtime yet?

I’m just off to add in all the photos for this week’s blogging that I missed out!

Done!  Now just realised I’ve missed loads of stuff on here.  Last night and tonight has seen us polish off our delicious, home-grown potatoes!  Our bucket of carrots are now sprouting, and sunflowers are growing everywhere, many self-planted.  We all enjoyed a bowl of cherries from our tree this morning too 🙂

The broad bean plant in the jam jar experiment is now colossal! Must plant it outside asap!

In our local paper yesterday, E and I read an article about seagull attacks which tied in nicely to last Thursday’s events!

We had a trip to our local library on Monday to find books on E’s list of things she wants to learn about.  There were no books on the Tudors, only 1 on the Battle of Hastings and none on Charles’ I and II.  I decided to take the plunge and try out the Library’s Education Service.  I rang this morning, they were really enthusiastic and helpful, and my box of books on the Tudors should be available for collection from our local library very soon!

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