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Zip it!

I’m trying a new method of organising myself and making the most of E’s random questions.  Most of the time when we’re out and about, she’ll ask something out of the blue (today’s was ‘how do zips work?’), and usually I don’t know the answer, and am somewhere with no way of answering.  I also have a habit of completely forgetting about her questions by the time I get home, and so does she.

To try and combat this, I have purchased myself a notepad and pen to keep in my bag at all times.  This has mostly been used for noting down things the girls decide they want on their christmas/birthday lists (because I refuse to buy them!), but gradually its filling with useful questions.  The main flaw comes when they ask something when I’m driving…!

So far we have had:

  • what does shark’s skin feel like? (as we watched a reef shark swim over our heads at the aquarium on Tuesday)
  • what does dinosaur skin feel like? (and the pretend skin in our local city museum doesn’t count, says E)
  • what are shark’s teeth like?
  • how do zip’s work? (as E sat in the car zipping and unzipping a pocket on her trousers)
  • what bones are in our wrists and what do they look like?

I’m slowly cultivating a shelf of useful books to refer to when we get home in order to answer these questions!  Internet searches are useful to me, but generally don’t have enough pictures to keep E happy!  The shark questions were easily answered by fishing out this funky little book on sharks we picked up for 5p at a car boot sale a couple of months ago.  Apparently shark skin has the texture of sandpaper, and was used as such in the past.  Many species of shark have several rows of teeth, and regularly shed teeth as they feed, apparently.

The zip question was laid to rest after a delve into my ancient edition of The Way Things Work which I begged my parents to get me when I was about 10 and we’d used it at school.  Its finally coming into its own 😉   E has now explained to B how zips work, and I apologise to anyone else who puts up with E’s zip demonstrations!

Still to work on wrist bones and dinosaur skin!

I’ve also been on a spending spree on Amazon, after getting a dose of inspiration – its catching this time of year, don’t you think?!!  Here are my new library additions:

I am now in love with Amazon Marketplace!  Unfortunately I paid more in postage than I did for the books!  I’ve also downloaded the toolbar, so I am collecting nectar points for every yahoo search I make online.  All going towards my Amazon habit…!

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There’s nowt like a plan

I seem to be hoarding ideas and plans at the moment.  We are planning our summer of camping trips – which is fun!  I’m really looking forward to it all.  We’re planning a trip to the Lakes later in the summer, and we came across this yurt site during our search…we are very tempted!

Meanwhile, after a ‘quick’ stop at Tesco, I came out with a trolley-full of craft stuff as they had loads of kits on clearance.  The girls thought Christmas had come early! That should keep craft needs at bay for a short while.  I then had a longer stop at Sainsburys, and kept to my shopping list this time, apart from 5 packs of value soap, 4 in a pack for 14p or something – not bad, and helps that I’d been planning to try out soap carving for ages since seeing it on the Tate Modern for Kids site.  Then, I someone on Netmums was giving away a box of mini mosaic bathroom tiles, so I went to collect them last night, as making mosaics is another thing that’s been on my to do list.  E discovered them in the car today and was fascinated, as she’d taken part in a mosaic workshop at the Wychwood Festival so knows what its all about!  Just got to get B to fish some half used grout from the back of the garage, and some mdf, and we’re away!

Tomorrow we are planning to rearrange the garden, if we can take the heat, as the rabbit is driving us crazy as she’s just realised she’s a rabbit and is suddenly digging for freedom, so we need to work out some under fence protection schemes as next door’s dog is expecting her in their garden at any moment :-S

Today was spent planning a bbq at Cannop Ponds (see list of our favourite places on the right)…but realised when we got there that we hadn’t packed the bbq…ah well, the best laid plans etc etc!  There was plenty of paddling and exploring the woods.  E managed to lose her crocs twice – B fished them out of deep mud she had jumped in, then had to retrieve them again when she managed to kick one into the pond – gah!  We’ve decided we need to try out the Cannop Cycle Centre as we saw tons of families pedalling along together on all sorts of bikes, gatorbikes, trailers etc – it looked loads of fun!

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