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Post 101

We’ve had a busy old week.  We’ve managed to fit in a family birthday celebration, a short camping holiday, a mini-olympics for E, a home-ed meet, a gym session for H, and birthday party planning for E.  In between all this, there has been lots of learning going on!

We picked up our box of books on the Tudors from the Library Education Service this week.  It has a fab range of books, and also a DVD on Tudor Life produced by Channel 4.  E had this in the machine within seconds, and has watched it several times.  Her friend came over to play, and she excitedly told him that they could go and watch her new dvd on the tudors…he looked horrified!  Obviously not his idea of fun 😉

E has done her new reading trick again, and read a page or 2 of one of her favourite books to me, while double checking the words to match the word she was saying to the one on the page.  Definite progress!

She also had a writing moment, and wrote the name of the moment Lily Rose (H has decided she wants to change her name to this??), but spelt it: Lili Ruos.  And also her constant companion Crabbie was written as: Crabe, which I couldn’t really fault!

H is learning letters by the second, and has got her numbers pretty much taped.  I tested her on some numbered parking spaces while we were on holiday, and she can recognise all the digits 0-9 now.  She’s fab!

This week I’ve finally put up a clock in the kitchen that I bought ages ago which has o’clock, five past, ten past etc printed round the outside.  I’m going to have a go at getting the girls to learn how to tell the time…we’ll see how I get on!

Today E discovered an origami giftset that I bought for £1 (!!!) at a car boot sale a few weeks ago.  Luckily the instruction booklet is actually easy to follow, unlike many I’ve come across before, so she and I have spent many happy minutes constructing cat faces, dog faces, jumping frogs, beating hearts, flowers etc.  I love car boots!!

Tomorrow is E’s 6th Birthday :-O  Scary stuff, how did she get that old?!  She is VERY excited!!

We’ve had a couple of ‘moments’ today, where E and I were definitely not seeing eye to eye.  I went shopping this evening and came back to find that she had asked B if it was ok to use the hoover, and had cleaned the sitting room, including moving all the sofas out to clean round them.  Apparently she thought it might make me happy!  See she’s a softie really, underneath her argumentative, combatative exterior!!


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There’s nowt like a plan

I seem to be hoarding ideas and plans at the moment.  We are planning our summer of camping trips – which is fun!  I’m really looking forward to it all.  We’re planning a trip to the Lakes later in the summer, and we came across this yurt site during our search…we are very tempted!

Meanwhile, after a ‘quick’ stop at Tesco, I came out with a trolley-full of craft stuff as they had loads of kits on clearance.  The girls thought Christmas had come early! That should keep craft needs at bay for a short while.  I then had a longer stop at Sainsburys, and kept to my shopping list this time, apart from 5 packs of value soap, 4 in a pack for 14p or something – not bad, and helps that I’d been planning to try out soap carving for ages since seeing it on the Tate Modern for Kids site.  Then, I someone on Netmums was giving away a box of mini mosaic bathroom tiles, so I went to collect them last night, as making mosaics is another thing that’s been on my to do list.  E discovered them in the car today and was fascinated, as she’d taken part in a mosaic workshop at the Wychwood Festival so knows what its all about!  Just got to get B to fish some half used grout from the back of the garage, and some mdf, and we’re away!

Tomorrow we are planning to rearrange the garden, if we can take the heat, as the rabbit is driving us crazy as she’s just realised she’s a rabbit and is suddenly digging for freedom, so we need to work out some under fence protection schemes as next door’s dog is expecting her in their garden at any moment :-S

Today was spent planning a bbq at Cannop Ponds (see list of our favourite places on the right)…but realised when we got there that we hadn’t packed the bbq…ah well, the best laid plans etc etc!  There was plenty of paddling and exploring the woods.  E managed to lose her crocs twice – B fished them out of deep mud she had jumped in, then had to retrieve them again when she managed to kick one into the pond – gah!  We’ve decided we need to try out the Cannop Cycle Centre as we saw tons of families pedalling along together on all sorts of bikes, gatorbikes, trailers etc – it looked loads of fun!

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