He’s growing up too fast…I blame Italy!

22 Jul

I thought my 4 year old was never going to emerge from his toddlerhood. Totally immersed in hitting everything conceivable with a stick, and charging around shouting ‘Raaaahhhh!’ all the time. He is dragged to all sorts of Home Ed related activities, but is also quite often left behind with a very sad face when we are going to do workshops or some other thing that doesn’t require a small boy hitting everything with a stick and shouting ‘Raaahhh’.

Something has suddenly changed. I’ve lost count of the number of times recently somebody who hasn’t seen him for a few weeks says his face looks different.  He suddenly looks less like the small boy he was a couple of months ago, and more a much bigger, grown up small boy.

He recently begged to come along to a home ed group where we were meeting to share our knowledge of Roman’s and do some fun activities together. He loved it. More recently we have been doing a project on Italy. I was expecting his sisters to produce something, instead it was L who sat down with me for an hour and produced this:

Italy by L

Italy by L

This came from a rambling conversation, starting with where Italy was on our globe, leading to finding that picture of a map of Italy.  We talked about famous buildings in Italy, including the Colosseum in Rome. He chose the picture of Gladiators fighting a lion inside it, rather than a picture of the outside! He then found a picture of a Roman soldier Lego mini figure, he was in seventh heaven! He then asked if they have dogs in Italy, which is exactly the same question H asked me when going to see Pompeii Live. Rather than picking a picture of a live dog, L chose this picture of a dog statue. We then talked about food we eat regularly that originally comes from Italy: pizza, ice cream (gelato) and pasta!

I thought that would be the end of it. But no. He has shown his powerpoint picture to everyone who has come in the house in the last couple of weeks, talked endlessly about all the pictures. Almost daily I’ve heard an excited squeak accompanied by arm flapping, as he makes a connection between something he has just seen and our recent project. The other day it was from watching Cars 2. A character on there is an Italian car, painted in the flag colours which L recognised, but more exciting than that, there was a superimposed picture of the Roman Colosseum in the background that had him jumping out of the chair! Today it was a visit to the Fairford Air Tattoo, which had him arm flapping again when he saw this:

Italian Flight Display Team RIAT 2013

Italian Flight Display Team RIAT 2013

The Italian flag colours again. I can almost hear the synapses popping together.

Yesterday he begged me to take him to the library on his own (i.e. minus the sisters). Usually I’m presented with a pile of picture books. This time was different. He found books on Gladiators, Romans, Grizzly Bears (HE friends had talked about animals found in Italy, which included Bears) and Fighter Planes (imminent visit to RIAT to blame).

It’s lucky he’s still hitting things with sticks and shouting ‘Raaaahh!’ otherwise I might wonder where my little boy has gone!

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One response to “He’s growing up too fast…I blame Italy!

  1. Stuart

    July 22, 2013 at 2:06 am

    I love it! Great mood board/collage!

    We are still practicing the art of hitting stuff with sticks. Eventually, if you fancy throwing a few ton at it you can call it kendo, and you can have armour and score points etc.

    Our favourite Gladiators are Myrmillos

    …and Samnites:


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