Riding the waves

22 Jan

We’ve had a lovely chilled out few weeks over Christmas. No activities, no plans, just hanging, playing with friends, making up games, playing with our new toys, walking the dog, reorganising the house. You know, just doing life. January has heralded frantic activity and enthusiasm in our local home ed community, there are trips and groups and activities being organised daily. Fantastic opportunities are being offered by lovely people! We have been making the most of everything, while still being in a chilled out mood while at home. I’ve been loving it.

I’ve often found during our 4 years home educating, that there are peaks and troughs in our lives. Seemingly weeks of laid-back-ness will suddenly be replaced with frenetic activity. This is exactly what has happened this week.

My 6 yr old, non-reading, lives in a dreamworld of barbies and my little ponies, came to me with a piece of paper at the weekend covered in numbers. Numbers with lots of zeros. We worked out how to read them in millions. Then she wrote 1000, and we worked out what that was. Then she wrote 200 and told me what that said. Then I asked if she could write 100, which she could.

Last night, I left her colouring a doodle book, and was then called through with “what comes after J?”. At the bottom of her colouring page she had decided to write the alphabet! I got out our stash of magnetic letters and found the giant tin of colouring pencils she was using was magnetic, and she started laying out the alphabet. She was singing the alphabet song to herself as she did it. Magic.

I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store next!

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