Retail Therapy

13 Jun

E was being very squirrelly today. I was making banana flapjack, cleaning the oven hob and making breakfast crumpet pizzas for L and me (very yum!), and she kept running in and asking for egg boxes, and celebration tins  and the dreaded sellotape. She then raided my purse, and suddenly declared her shop open:

We took it in turns to play shopkeeper/shopper. Her homemade till had everything:


A scanner for beeping, a display monitor, and a place for keeping her coins, and a hole for her pen which she needed to write the prices and total costs on the ‘screen’. She even had holes cut into the cardboard box till to keep carrier bags!

We had a fun time making up prices and working out change. Halfway through E announced that it was a really good game for practising adding up and learning about coins. She commented to a friend later that we played shops and that I had sneaked maths on her without her realising!

It was really fun and E is really proud of her creation and the game she made up 🙂

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Posted by on June 13, 2012 in Home Education


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