Happy Birthday Mum :-)

30 May

Think this is what I would be doing to you today if you were a bit nearer!!

I was going to sit the kids down and make a birthday day card for you and take a picture and email it you.  Obviously I failed, instead we did this:

Balancing on tree trunks

Examined stone carvings of scary creatures

learned about Gothic architecture

This was on a visit to Woodchester Mansion, an unfinished Gothic Mansion in deepest, darkest Stroud. Home to large colonies of Lesser and Greater Horseshoe bats too, which we got to see on infrared cameras. It also involved a mile walk through woods to get there. All in the continued, beautiful sunshine we are enjoying at the moment.
If I had the forethought to produce our birthday works of art yesterday, I would have failed too. As we were doing this:

Skating in the ‘snow’

Attempting to ice skate at the pretend ice rink at our local leisure centre. I could have done with having those little penguin things when I was little!!

L with his penguin

E with her penguin

H in the ‘snow’

Even the morning was taken up doing this to the poor puppy:



After – a shadow of his former, hairy state!

Tomorrow though, I have pencilled in for art and craft activities, so fingers crossed we’ll have something for you then 🙂
Hope you have a fantastic day today xxxxx
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