When did this all happen?

13 Aug

Amazing stuff has been happening here over the last few weeks.  E continues to read more and more. She’s using Ladybird’s Peter and Jane books, ORT Biff and Kipper books, and anything else she can get her hands on…I found her deep in concentration sitting on the front door mat yesterday, trying to read a leaflet that had come through the door!

The biggest change is with H. Back in April I remember my Mum visiting, and expressing concern that H couldn’t hold a pencil and wasn’t interested in writing or drawing at all. Since then she has suddenly started drawing, starting with colourful scribbles, but these have now changed into complex drawings of people, creatures, family, friends. You name it, she draws it! She has worked out how to hold a pen properly, changing from her fist-grip she did have, and perfected the writing of her own name a few weeks ago. I noticed baby L’s name drawn on the wall shortly after, and realised it wasn’t E’s writing.  I suppose I should have been cross…but realising that H had worked out how to write her brother’s name without any direction from me, was such a fantastic moment! We now have paper and writing implements in every room, to try and protect our walls from more harm, and H continues to write.  She can now write the name of everyone in our family, and is now moving onto her friend’s names! I now don’t have to spell out any of these words, or show her how to form the letters if she asks, it’s all her own work. She is fab!  We are currently all wearing name badges she has written!


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One response to “When did this all happen?

  1. matthaslam

    September 8, 2011 at 2:04 pm

    That is a great post! Very inspiring stuff and it just shows how different kids develop in different ways and at different times. Sounds like very quick progress. I can see it now… Cristmas name badges for all the family!


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