A positive start to the day!

10 May

Usually our days start quietly, E using her initiative to rifle through the craft cupboard or wherever, to gain inspiration for something to amuse her.

Last night, for once, I had the inspiration for an experiment.  Can’t remember where I saw it, so can’t put a reference in, but it involved putting drops of food colouring in a bowl of milk, then adding a drop of washing up liquid in and watching all the colours move and swirl.

The girls were setting up a gymnastic show, which involved drawing posters to advertise it: “Plese cm to r jim nastic cho”, then scouring the house for blu-tac to put them up, then shouting all over the house about it.

Meanwhile the monster baby L and I were having breakfast, and he was playing with the remaining milk in the bowl when I remembered my idea.  So I got the food colouring, the washing up liquid and the straw, and we set to work!  L just wanted to blow bubbles with the straw, so I had to go and get my own bowl and start again!  Then the girls caught us playing, so wanted to join in too, so they had bowls each.  They watched the initial trick with the washing up liquid, then set to work on their own concoctions.

E decided to make a bubble picture, where you use the straw to make the bubbles really big, then put a piece of paper of the top. Then I poured a little bit of the mixture onto some paper and blew it around with a straw with the idea of making a monster picture – drawing on wings, eyes etc. when it’s dry.

E tried it, but couldn’t make a pattern she was happy with, so they all got screwed up in a ball and launched across the room <sigh> so of course I had to start a paper fight! Unfortunately the monster baby L thought this looking great fun, first launching a book at my head, then the bottle of milk :-O  So it all ended in a great clean up operation, and we will probably be able to smell off milk for many months to come, but otherwise we had great fun 🙂  On the plus side, with washing up liquid in everything, the clean up was very easy!!

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