Sunshine makes such a difference

02 Mar

Last night I got a rare night out, and went with some friends to see The King’s Speech.  I’d been really looking forward to seeing it, and was not disappointed.  Lots of things to think about, and reflect on.  Need to do more social stuff just for ME!  I do actually enjoy it once I’m out of the house!!

Today has led to some interesting discussions.  E came downstairs at one point and asked me what gelatine was, and before I could answer, she was telling me what it was :-S  It was something she had just heard on a CBBC programme, but she wasn’t sure which one.  E wanted to know what sort of things had gelatine in them.  I had a pack in the cupboard, so brought that out, then we went round the kitchen looking for other things that had it as an ingredient.  Jelly, the pack of dolly mixtures I had hidden on the table!  Then we moved onto animal products, and laid out cans of tuna, packets of ham, frozen fish, pork steaks etc.


Animal product discussion

Then the discussion was over as quickly as it had begun.  I am just left with lots of pictures of the contents of my freezer on my phone :-/

I had to amuse 4 children today, so of course we got the playdough out 🙂  L managed not to eat his, but just catapult it round the room.  I left them to it for a bit, and E came through with this:


E's playdough masterpiece

Pretty cool huh?!  She went into great detail about how the sail was made out of 2 triangles stuck together, and that she’d actually wanted to have the sun going down, but couldn’t work out how to show that!

Much playing later, I caught this snapshot of them mid-dressing-up-show.  L in a gorgeous pink dress of course 😉  And also my nice, swept floor, there’s usually so much stuff on the floor you can’t walk across it!  Am revelling in its tidiness today!  Much thanks to have having my children amused by other children, and a friend who is happy to sweep my floor with me!


Dressing up

It was a beautifully sunny today, so managed to throw them out into the garden for quite a bit of the day, and there was much trampolining in the sunshine, and also a lovely long walk, where L tried to go and swim with the ducks :-S


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2 responses to “Sunshine makes such a difference

  1. katherine

    March 2, 2011 at 11:16 pm

    E’s playdough is fab! Is she looking forward to the HE art class? Harriet is.

    Am also very impressed by your clean kitchen floor. None of mine look like that 😦

  2. Schools Out

    March 2, 2011 at 11:24 pm

    I haven’t told her yet! Will break the news when I re-read emails and work out when it starts! She’ll love it hopefully. Used to go to a class with the same lady.

    Not just kitchen, but hallway and dining room swept 🙂 Had a complete breakdown when E spread glitter over the kitchen, then traipsed mud from back door to front door later on tho 😦


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