25 Feb

H (aged 4 yrs) quite often says things that send me into fits of giggles.  Just had to record this one for posterity!

This week, she has had us pretending to be magnets…as you do…and then light bulbs, which involves pursing your lips, and pointing your face at the ceiling.  Anyway…she was describing which parts of her body was the lampshade, bulb etc, then said:

H: Mummy, what’s it like being on the ceiling then?

Me: ummm….?

H: is it exhilarating?

Me: wuh? huh? how do you know a word like that?!

E has spent the week asking a)how various things work and b)if she can take them apart.  It started with a (shock, horror!) McDonalds toy, which is a model of yoda, who’s arm moves up and down, seemingly making some disc-thing levitate.  There were lots of questions, with B guessing that it used a magnet to move it.  Then we picked up some craft things from freegle which included a box of jumping beans.  E was intrigued and wanted to know what they were and if she could get them out of the box while we were in the car.  I explained that they would wobble about and probably flip onto the floor.  She didn’t believe me of course, and tried it for herself.  After she’d picked them up off the floor (!) she then started asking how they worked, wondering if it was a magnet like the toy.  I left her in the car for 2 minutes too long yesterday and came back to find that she’d taken one apart and was overjoyed to find that it had a ball-bearing inside, which was another of her hypotheses!

We’ve had a pretty quiet, chilled out week really.  Been on several muddy walks, yesterday’s was to our local country park, involving tree climbing and puddle poking, rope swinging and den building.  L walked pretty much the whole way, and we even managed a picnic in the much welcomed sunshine after all the rain!

Whenever the kids have been left to their own devices this week things have led to drawing on lots of paper.  I’ve been presented with pictures from all 3 kids, L really excited by his drawings!

L, with his lack of speaking, is really absorbing things at the moment.  He’s got the hang of the parts of the body, he can point to the right places when we say the words.  He is attempting to say eyes, nose, ears and teeth.  It’s a start 🙂  It beats the only word he had last week ‘Lola’!  He also likes saying ‘night, night!’ to dolls in the cot, and to our nodding dog by the front door.

Today we went to our local garden centre, mainly to pick up some fruit and veg from the farm shop, but E also wanted a plant to put in her room.  She chose a hyacinth, which apparently will be bright orange.  H chose a bright red tulip, and I bought some narcissus.  We came home and E set to work spreading compost all over the kitchen floor, and re-potting her new plant into a pretty bowl.  Fingers crossed they last at least a week 😉

So pleased its Friday, and we have the whole weekend at home 🙂


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4 responses to “Exhilarating

  1. sunnymama

    February 25, 2011 at 10:30 pm

    Love the exhilarating story! The other day I was surprised to find my 4yr old knew quite a bit about the digestive system so I said “How do you know about digestion” and he replied “Because I know everything.” 🙂

  2. Schools Out

    February 25, 2011 at 10:38 pm

    Great answer 😉 It regularly surprises how much H knows, in particular. I guess I’ve been focussing on keeping E more on track and probably trying too hard to look for signs of learning, and H just gets left to her own devices and does amazing things all of a sudden!

  3. katherine

    February 25, 2011 at 11:26 pm

    I love it when they surprise you with the things that they know. And I know exactly what you mean about trying so hard with the oldest child and the younger ones getting along just as well, if not better, left to their own devices!

  4. Schools Out

    February 25, 2011 at 11:31 pm

    Phew, glad its not just me 😉 Poor eldest children, they definitely get the hardest role!


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