Mud and other stories

22 Feb

Today was the sunday I missed out on at the weekend.  I had the chance to tidy the girls’ room, put the huge backlog of clothes from the airing cupboard away, did loads of washing, and started on the huge task of clearing our dump room, so that at some point soon it can be turned back into a bedroom.

Happily when I showed E her new tidy bedroom, she tutted, told me it wasn’t tidy at all, and went and fetched the hoover 🙂 So now they have a tidy and hoovered bedroom.  She then decided to decorate it, by putting beads and things on long strands of wool and string, and tying them between the window and their bunk bed, so the room resembled a sort of spiders web.  H was not happy about this at all, and it all had to be dismantled at bed time!

This is the story of our afternoon in pictures!!  H, not-so-baby L and I all went for a long walk that involved getting very muddy, not helped by L deciding to rub his hands in it, stick his head in it, and roll

around in it.




Luckily by the end of it, L was very tired indeed, after walking pretty much the whole way.image

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