Decisions decisions…

21 Feb

It was pointed out to me by a relative last week, that H could start school in September. We’ve already decided that this won’t be happening, and haven’t applied for a place for her. I was beginning to think about what I should be doing now that she is getting to school age, as I’ve just been letting her do her own thing, not making her do anything she’s not interested in.  Mainly helping her add to her over expanding collection of barbies by putting them on her christmas and birthday lists, and keeping an eye out for them at car boot and nearly new sales!  She is not interested in writing or drawing.  How would she cope if she suddenly did have to start school in a few months time?  She’s already the age E was when she started school.

Irreverent H

When E started school, aged 4 yrs and 2 months, she could recognise and write her name and recognise the numbers 1-5.  That put her in the top 8 of her class.

H can write her own name (when she really wants to, which isn’t often, but happily types it on the laptop when required for games!), can recognise numbers 1-10, and many above that.  This past week has been all about counting for H.  But only up to 100, nothing less, but occasionally has continued to 103 before running off laughing like she’s just played the best game ever.

She has a keen interest in words and letters, and I recently found out that she can recognise loads of letters I didn’t know she knew!  H is always asking me what signs say, or words in books, or on the TV.  Her current passion, apart from her barbies, are games on the computer (kidzui or friv are her favourite sites), and I was watching over her shoulder this week, and listened to her as she played.  She was looking round the screen, “oh I think that button says ‘play'” and clicks “oh yes that’s it!”.

Man, I think I need to break out the workbooks, this kid obviously needs some serious lessons!



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2 responses to “Decisions decisions…

  1. Hazel

    February 21, 2011 at 10:40 pm

    I have a four years and four months old and she can’t do half of that yet. Recognises her name and has a stab at writing it, recognises a fair few numbers and has a go, getting more successful, at informal adding up to five but isn’t at all keen on letters. She loves to draw though!

    We’re not going to put her in school either, and I must admit it’s scary, as well as a huge relief!

  2. Schools Out

    February 21, 2011 at 10:51 pm

    I know, its only when I started thinking about I realised how capable she is at so many things. There are lots of things she can’t do, she’s only just figured out how to use scissors, and do jigsaws etc, fine motor skills are really not her bag. Balance, and physical things, particularly anything that involves her being fearless, she is totally up for! She is very calm and easy-going compared to E, so I know family and friends who are not totally brought round by HE are questioning whether maybe H would get on better at school than E did. I can see what they are saying, but I have learned and experienced little that could coax me back into the school system at the moment.


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