More exciting times

10 Feb

E continues to write and write, and write a bit more. Every picture she draws now has a caption beneath it. This one: E’s pi is ov u man.  In non-E language: E’s picture is of a man.  All our doors have notes of them, mostly saying somebody isn’t allowed in: Doo not kmin [do not come in], lots of letters are being written to anyone willing to receive them!

Today she decided to start spelling out loud all the words she knew.  There’s quite a list 🙂 I think I can safely start to add new words in now, she’s loving making sentences, and messages that other people can read. Note to self: must take photos of her messages, she’s done some beautiful ones this week!

I was reading not-so-baby-L a book today, and E started pointing out words she knew over my shoulder.  Fab stuff!

E has also continued with her understanding of double digit numbers. When she sees one, she reads it out, and we had an interesting conversation about counting in the car this week.  She had counted up to 100, and asked what came next,  so we started at 101 and kept going. Jumped to 199,200,201…299,300,301 etc.  E then said, oh,  does counting never stop?  We explained that no, it never stopped.  We mentioned thousands and millions then left it at that.  A conversation for another day 🙂

And H is picking up on all this and  keeps asking E how to spell different things, and has been chanting the spelling, then coming to me and asking how to spell the same thing then telling me the spelling!  H is not the slightest bit interested in writing though.  She is interested in words and letters and numbers, what they look like and what they sound like, but that’s it so far.  But still pretty good for someone who has just turned 4 🙂

I’m trying to resist correcting E’s spelling at the moment, as she’s enjoying it so much.  On a couple of occasions I’ve taken one of her notes, and written the same thing next to it with correct spelling and put it back again.  E has read it, shrugged, and said she prefers how she writes it!!  I’m hopeful that as her reading catches up, then she will get more of an idea of what the words should look like.  What are your experiences of this?


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2 responses to “More exciting times

  1. alternicity

    February 11, 2011 at 1:12 pm

    Love the picture E!

    I think you are right – as her reading picks up pace, her spelling of common words will get better. I put very little effort into teaching spelling of regular words for my two, because they read lots and it rubs off.
    Its the weird words that take a bit more imo 🙂

  2. Schools Out

    February 21, 2011 at 11:20 pm

    It was definitely one of her more experimental pictures 🙂

    Even since I wrote this post, she is adding more words to her notes, and gradually changing the way she is spelling words she has been writing recently. I can see her confidence growing! If only this English language malarkey, wasn’t so complicated!


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