Reading and ‘Rithmetic

14 Jan

Oh dear, 2 months blog free 😦

Lots of developments and surprises with our learning in that time.  All good 🙂

E has carried on enjoying the Peter and Jane books, and in a single month has worked her way through the first 3 books, and can now recognise and recall the high frequency words that she struggled with at school.  She is now learning and recognising more words.  She is seeing words and asking what they say – where she had no interest before.  She asks how to spell something, then a few days later will write the same word on her own, without having to ask for the spelling.  It all seems to be coming together for her – great stuff 🙂

A huge breakthrough with written numbers came this week.  Up until now E has been able to recognise numbers 0-12 but that’s it.  However hard I’ve tried to come up with new and amusing ways to introduce double-figure numbers, she hasn’t managed to link with the written numbers she can say and count with out loud. We were in the car this week and she asked about the speed limit sign and asked if it said fifty-five.  It didn’t, it said 50, as I explained to her.  As we went along and the speed limit went up and down, I got her to read them.  It took her a number of goes to get the weird 40 must say forty-four thing out of her head, but she finally got it.  Then a couple of days later we were walking to our local park, and she pointed to a door number, think it was 47, and she read it!  And we continued along the road and she read all the numbers on the doors, until we got to a 3 digit one! Even then, once I explained the hundred bit, she read it herself.  She was so pleased with herself, and I was over the moon!

What was great, was that H was reading the individual numbers as E was reading the whole numbers, so was having practise of her own, and absorbing E’s new information along with it.  Autonomous education in action 🙂

With E’s new reading and spelling fun, H is happily running around singing in letters, with no clue what they actually mean.  I’m looking forward to her putting it all together!


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2 responses to “Reading and ‘Rithmetic

  1. Katherine

    January 16, 2011 at 7:23 am

    We have found door numbers to be fantastic for learning numbers. They also work well for introducing odd and even ones!
    I love those Eureka moments!

  2. Schools Out

    January 16, 2011 at 10:00 am

    Hi Katherine, Thanks for your comment 🙂 It is funny how things suddenly click into place for E. I can’t teach her anything, she has to work it out for herself. Will remember your tip about odd and even numbers!


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