All about H

14 Jan

During my blog silence, my gorgeous little girl, H, has turned 4.  She’s growing up and we’re all loving it!  Up until very recently all she has done is played with dolls, her dolls house, and anything else she can make believe with.  Suddenly she has figured out jigsaw puzzles – I was beginning to think she’d never be able to do them! – and has done huge floor puzzles all on her own, started drawing pictures that actually look like something.  She’s never really picked up a pencil before.  She drew a fab picture of the princess and the pea, sleeping on top of all her mattresses and feather beds!!

She has also, in the last month, taught herself to use our laptop with the help of a little online discovery, Kidzui, which I think I will dedicate a separate post to…it’s that good!  Just before christmas she was asking for help every time she needed to move the mouse, now she can move the mouse to the right place, click and drag, and play loads of games on her own – fab!

She is also naughty and mischievous too 🙂  Like blaming her little brother for the drawing that magically appeared on our sitting room wall this week!

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