Go compare?

31 Oct

It is really hard not to keep comparing yourself and your HE philosophies with others.  Sometimes it’s helpful, gaining new ideas from others, but sometimes I find myself convinced that I’m doing an awful job and need to start doing ‘reading hour’ or something.  We don’t do anything structured, we talk about topics as they come up in conversation, and spell things as E decides she wants to write things, and read interesting things on cereal packets.

After my most recent panic attack, I realised what we have accomplished over the last 2 months alone, without any structured work at all.  E suddenly started showing an interest in maths.  She started by counting things on her fingers, from there she realised that if she held up 1 finger on each hand it made 2, then 2 fingers on each hand made 4, and 3 fingers on each hand made 6 etc. So she had the 2 times table sorted.  She then worked on all the different numbers she could make by holding up different fingers: 3 and 2 = 5, 5 and 2=7 etc, so adding and number bonds were understood and demonstrated.  Then E worked out that she could take fingers away again, so we had subtraction.  And now she is counting in 5s: 1 hand is 5, 2 hands are 10, 3 hands are 15, 4 hands are 20.  So 5 times table is also on the way.  All without sitting down with a book, and just by her discovering the numbers on her own.  We then had a session when H was in a gym lesson, and we took a new workbook with us, so E did some subtraction sums 🙂

Aside from the Maths amazing stuff, she has also taught herself how to cartwheel, do backwards rolls, tie bows, and I’m sure there is more stuff, but I’ve forgotten what!  Oo I know, since she stopped swimming lessons, she has now swum a full length of our swimming pool, and has taught herself to swim underwater!  When we went swimming last week, I just took the girls on their own, and I showed E how to swim under my legs, then we started an underwater maths lesson.  I had to put up different numbers of fingers under the water, and she went down and counted them!  Who needs a classroom 😉

While everyone else has been on half term this week we have:

  • been to E’s new HE group for ‘slightly’ more structured learning, for a drama session, and then we dragged B for a lovely walk up to Haresfield Beacon
  • been to a circus skills session and learned new trapeze tricks
  • been to a Peter Pan pantomime rehearsal and our fantastic HE meet
  • made our christmas cake
  • been to the West Midland Safari Park (free return trip!), spending the afternoon seeing the animals and feeding the deer, and the evening at their Halloween event
  • been to WWT Slimbridge, splashed, explored, fed geese, ducks and swans, played and eaten ice creams with great friends
  • today we are pumpkin carving and getting outfits ready to go trick or treating tonight 🙂

And this is with loads of stuff cancelled because of half term :-S  I think I need a lie down!

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One response to “Go compare?

  1. bazkirby

    October 31, 2010 at 2:24 pm

    “We” are pumpkin Carving?


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