Cathedrals, trapezes and boats

29 Sep

Luckily it has been a pretty busy week.  B has been away since Saturday, just to make things a little bit easier :-S

Monday we went along for an ‘educational’ session at Gloucester Cathedral on ‘the Senses’.  It was absolutely fantastic, and something I think everyone living in or around the city should do.  We all learned so much, it was history, local information, architecture, and much more.  We go to the cathedral quite often, but we’ve obviously been going round the place with our eyes closed!  After spending an hour looking around the Cathedral itself, we then transferred to the Cathedral’s Educational building, were there was an array of activities to keep the kids busy: making tea light holders from clay, drawing symbols on stones like the stonemasons do on their work around the Cathedral, identifying a series of pots of herbs by smell, among others.  Definitely time well spent!

Later on, E brought me a piece of paper and said that she wanted me to help her write some words down to show her (schooled) friend, as apparently she’s been teasing her that E can’t read or write!  Tsk!  She was determined that she was going to show her that she could!!

On Tuesday we went to pick up a ballet outfit for E that I won on Ebay – I like bargains!  Then we went straight on to a Home Ed Circus Skills class at Cinderford’s Artspace for 2 hours of fun!  We did juggling, hula hooping, plate spinning, and the girls learned some new tricks on the trapeze to practise at home.  Its been about a year since we last went along to a session, and the girls have really changed in that time.  Last time I had them both clinging to me, refusing to do anything without me there by their sides.  This time, I made it clear I was watching from the sides and looking after baby L, so they had to get on with things on their own.  E went straight in and joined in with the warm up games and introduction ice-breakers, which she often doesn’t.  L was a complete nightmare.  He has turned into a whirlwind and doesn’t keep still for a second.  I had to take him out of the room when he was determined he wanted to bounce on the crash mats that were in use!  We walked up and down stairs and in and out of rooms, and then settled on the sofa in the reception.  I had just breathed a sigh of relief when he spotted his chance, and slalomed through the double doors, straight out into the road outside.   Man, I had a heart attack. Luckily no cars were passing at that moment.  I’ve decided some kind of cage is in order.  Or perhaps an extendable lead?  Do they produce these for toddlers?!!

We dashed back for E’s ballet lesson in her new outfit!  She seems to be really enjoying it, and we’ve weedled her into the older class as they put her in with one of her own age group, and she was twice the size of them!  She came out asking why everyone was so small!  Luckily the teacher let her try the next class up to see if she could cope, and has got on brilliantly, and no longer looks so out of place!

We’ve had a nice chilled out day today, after a stressful start!  We piled over to spend the day with 2 other families, supposedly to watch a lightship (don’t even know what one of these is?!) coming down the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal.  It bailed on us, but had a nice day sheltering from the pouring rain in our friend’s barge anyway.  Lots of kids for the girls to socialise with, and some thought provoking and fun conversation with the adults!

We trekked back along the tow path, waving to the passing boats and admiring a beautiful family of swans with 4 cygnets. On the way home we detoured to our favourite camping shop to purchase one of these that I’ve had my eye on since L was born, but now, with his recent antics, I got it in the hope of keeping him vaguely safe!

Back at home, E disappeared off to play with friends, and I got to work in the kitchen making fishcakes (from scratch!!!), and a sauce for the lasagne I’m planning to make tomorrow.  H decided to get out the marble run and soon turned the game into ‘look how many marbles I can stuff in my pockets and still be able to walk around without falling over’!  L enjoyed chasing the marbles too, and luckily didn’t eat any!

B is home tomorrow – yippee!!


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