Another countdown to camping

21 Jul

Next week we’re going on a home-ed camp with other local HE families.  I think I’m looking forward to it…!  Last year it rained…lots.  I’m hoping this year is not the same!

This week has been up and down as usual.  The weekend was pretty atrocious, but we went to the Gloucester Carnival, and experienced the Colourscape which was pretty cool.  The girls loved it, and enjoyed looking at each other to see what colours they turned in each pod, and what colour their tongues where when they poked them out!  E also spied several cheerleading teams doing their stuff in the carnival parade and her eyes lit up.  We sought out a couple of kids the same age as E in the uniform and asked their opinion of it all, they thought it was fab.  E’s eyes were out on stalks as she watched them do cart wheels and handstands.  She’s volunteered herself to go on one of their ‘cheer camps’ to try it out for a day to see what she thinks!

Sunday we went to a Big Lunch organised by B and his team where we live.  It was great, though think it could have done with a bit more community sharing, food-wise.  There were all sorts of stalls to look at, fire engine, police car and ambulance too.

Monday I decided we needed to get out and about and took the kids to At Bristol as we always have a fab time there, and on monday afternoons they do a Toddler Time deal, where adults get in half price, and under 5’s get in free, which makes it a really good deal compared to normal prices!  We decided to break from the norm and start with the top floor first, which worked really well, as we have done the bottom floor exhibits to death I think!  All of us had great fun finding stuff we’ve seen before and wanted to see again, and finding new stuff.  They were testing this great exhibit, where there was a metal bar sticking out of an iPod.  You slid a straw over the metal bar, bit down on it, and put your fingers in your ears and you could hear the music!!  I bet they had a hidden camera beside it, as it was hilarious!!!

When we came home, we had a short burst with E’s new toy, a Leapfrog Tag reader.  I was having a play with it to see what you could do.  E took over one of the games, where it was telling her to point at certain words, and she was pointing to them before it had finished each instruction…methinks she can read far more than she is letting on 😉  We moved onto a ‘letter blends’ game.  I had no idea there was such a thing, but they were fr, pr, br, tr etc.  Find the blend that starts princess, tray, frog etc.  She got them all straightaway.  She’s definitely getting somewhere with this reading malarkey.

Yesterday we stupidly decided to have a quiet day at home – big mistake!  We ended up all driving eachother crazy!  We escaped for E’s swimming lesson in the nick of time!  She had a great time as usual.  She said that there was a girl there who cried throughout the lesson as she had been ill that week and her mum had still made her go!  She asked if I would make her go if she was ill.  I said that there would be no point as she wouldn’t enjoy it, and we only go because she enjoys it!  This led her to tell me later that she was actually glad she was home educated, not going to school like our neighbour.  She commented that schools seem to have a lot of holidays, but they still have to go every day, and she might have something more fun to do.

Today my lovely friend volunteered (in return for cheesecake!) to look after the girls while I took L to the scrapstore to find stuff for an activity at next week’s camp.  It was a successful trip, and came back laden with loads of stuff I didn’t intend to!!  We had a crafty-type afternoon, but E was a grumpy soul for most of it, as she had gone to bed too late the night before. Sigh.  Oh well, all in bed early this evening so hopefully tomorrow will be brighter!

Oh, and today I had my first outdoor walk with a toddler for about 2 and a half years.  I’d forgotten what it was like.  3 steps forward, and 10 steps back, having to touch his shadow, the newly laid tarmac, every bollard, funny looking stone, peer in every ditch, carry on, then turn back and peer in again, walk up everyone’s garden path in turn…a 2 minute walk took about 15.  Baby L you are exhausting!!

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One response to “Another countdown to camping

  1. Claire

    July 22, 2010 at 12:31 pm

    That is so funny – the toddler walking thing happened to me last week. He was trying to touch every side indicator light on every car! Like L he was also going into all of the gardens. Fun but frustrating – I am just glad he didn’t pick up and chew any discard butts!


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