Shopping, balloons and goo

16 Jul

That sums up today I think.  We went shopping to spend E’s birthday money, and H’s half birthday money (become a tradition, as H still has 6 mths left until her birthday).  It went a little wrong when E and I disagreed over what constitutes a sensible purchase, but we emerged unscathed and with happy children with new things 🙂

B came back – hooray! – after being away with work all week, and we’ve attempted to tidy the house ready for the in-laws imminent arrival.

This evening we made balloons using a funky little kit our lovely friend gave us yesterday, which involves putting weird plasticy-gum over the end of a pipe and blowing:A random purchase while we were out shopping was stuff that turns bath water into goo. Not my best purchase, as I bought the wrong stuff in an effort to spend less money, and it was meant to put in a small bowl, not a bath, so didn’t go gooey, more just a weird texture.  E wouldn’t go near it, but H and L played happily in their pink bath water with weird bits in!


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2 responses to “Shopping, balloons and goo

  1. claire

    July 17, 2010 at 9:27 pm

    Wow…it actually worked, they look great! So E has been secretly learning loads of stuff and not letting on, kids are so devious ; ) What fun to be witnessing all of this learning and development and not just hearing about it at parent’s evening : )

  2. Schools Out

    July 17, 2010 at 10:53 pm

    Yes 🙂 Thank you – it was really kind to let us have it! E has had loads of fun with it, and B has been able to show off his Dad skills…he even ‘managed’ to make a heart shaped balloon today – E is in awe!

    I’m just breathing several sighs of relief that things are slotting into place, it does make all the rubbish days seem worth it…I think…!!


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