Countdown to the weekend

01 Jul

Its been another busy old week.  A fairly social week, with meeting up with friends, and other home ed families.  Enjoying the sunshine, and making the garden look a little bit prettier.

The girls are enjoying all the cherries which have finally ripened on our little tree, and sharing them out.  We’ve made mosaics using some mini tiles I picked up free at the weekend. We’ve also been using lots of printouts from Nature Detectives for colouring, and also playing some of their online games.

I’ve discovered that H know far more letters than I thought she did!  I think her current specialities are now: B, E, H, h, i, L, l, M, O, P, p, S, s, T, y.   The competition is doing E good, and she is stepping up her game!  She even read (proper, read!!) the first few pages of Green Eggs and Ham, correcting herself when she started reading from memory, and it differed to what was on the page.  I never thought it would happen!

E had her first swimming lesson in her new group, and did brilliantly.  Its in a proper pool, and has a shallow and deep end.  They had to have a shower first, which is a new one for them, and are now working on their 10m.  She is really enjoying it.

H had her gym class this morning, she loved it as usual.  It will be interesting to see what happens in September when her friend that she goes with is starting school, and if she feels any differently about going.

Free schools have been a topic for debate this week.  The idea of using the £10k funding per child to pay people to provide groups/classes/workshops/visits such as: french, spanish, music, art and craft, PE, science, history but away from the traditional ‘teaching’ 30 to a class, in a static classroom, with no parents present.  There seem to be other groups around the UK trying to do something similar, so it will be interesting to see if they actually get off the ground, and are not tied up in  OFSTED ridiculousness.  I’ll keep an eye on these, as its all quite interesting!

L is becoming a really cheeky chappy, and is great fun.  He has few words, but has worked out exactly how to communicate to everyone what he wants!

Bring on the weekend!

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