…Like domino-o-oes

16 Jun

Well today started early!  E’s friend was dropped off this morning at 8.30am – gulp!  We survuved though, and a busy, but productive morning.  The girls played inside and out, upstairs and down.  They played the piano and guitar at full volume, E singing the words “britain’s got talent” to the tune of “These girls fall like dominoes”.  Eventually they sat down and did some paintings, inspired by the new art book and then glitter followed!

E's painting

While they were busy, I decided to try out another idea from the book, using a small cut out shape of sticky-backed plastic, stuck lots of sequins and buttons on, and lay the top of a length of wool on, then sandwiched on another piece of plastic.  Repeated that a couple of times with different shapes, and ended up with a pretty cool little mobile to hang in the window.  Girls weren’t interested in making one too, so I’ll save that up for another time!

Sparkly mobiley-thing

Yesterday’s lesson was obviously still in the mix  as I heard E outside saying “let’s go and find some healthy food”, before running in and raiding the fridge for handfuls of mange tout!!  Later on the girls made smoothies, choosing which berries they were going to put in, taking it in turns to chop strawberries and add the yoghurt, and H chopped the banana.  Even at teatime, E was telling me which veg she would like.  Think it is the first time in ages I haven’t been stressing about her not having her 5 a day!  Think she had about 10!!

In the afternoon, we all went to a home ed meet at some local woods to follow the fantastic sculpture trail that has been created there.  Definitely need to go back and have a better look as we hardly spent anytime taking it all in, too busy trying to find everyone as we were running late as usual!!

Dursley Woods - Sculpture Trail

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