A lesson in life

15 Jun

Well I’ve well and truly learned my lesson today in healthy eating!  We’ve had a great day, a lie-in for me as B didn’t leave for work as early as he usually does, and then I took the kids on a highly expensive trip to Hobbycraft!!

We’ve come back with some random things, including artroc, which I don’t really know what I’m going to do with yet (bandagey things to make plastercasts with),  fabric paints (as I have a plan!), a new book to give me some arty/crafty ideas, and the girls chose one thing each.  E chose a little ‘princess kit’ (sigh!) which included a tiara, body glitter and feather boa-type material, along with a book on how to make lots of different princess costumes.  Uh oh, she’s going to expect me to work out how to use our sewing machine next!  H chose an usborne make and do book on fairytales.  The stickers are now all over her window in the car…don’t tell B!!

This afternoon we went to a local farm shop to check it out, as I hadn’t been there before, and to pick up some fresh fruit and veg.  H chose a lemon, a peach and a box of strawberries, meanwhile E flitted between wanting an ice cream and a chocolate bar.  I was about to totally lose it with her, considering all the gorgeous fresh stuff all around her she’d prefer a cornetto or a twix!  I held my breath and okayed the twix, while muttering under my breath about healthy eating.  Then we went on to our allotment, that we have been neglecting lately…well ok, the whole year so far :-/ Luckily our friends who work it with us have been more on the ball!

Between us we had 5 children with us, and they homed in immediately on the overladen strawberry plants, and munched merrily away, then helped pick handfuls of mange tout, relieve the redcurrant bush of all its redcurrants, pick a few sticks of rhubarb, thin out the carrots, and E pulled out onions she decided were big enough!  The kids tasted whatever they could, and dug holes, and chased eachother up and down all the paths inbetween the allotments, and then took turns to water eachother!  I’ve been fretting about E and her eating habits, and went to all that effort of printing off those stupid sheets, when all she needed was an afternoon at the allotment.

The kids chose the veg to go with tea, and munched strawberries and mange tout while they waited for it to cook.  Then we made smoothies using the redcurrants and strawberries, and added banana, some frozen raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, a pot of yoghurt and some apple juice, blitzed it together, and done.  Yum.  L sat on the table with a straw, and finished the dregs in everyone’s cups…by the berried state of him I’d say he had fun too!

Fab day.

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