Why? Why? Why?

14 Jun

I should have learned by now.  We’ve settled into the autonomous way of things for a reason.  But every now and then I feel I have to test my luck.

I decided, following a weekend of sweet and chocolate binging by E, that I would look up some healthy eating resources, and look at food groups etc.  I printed a load of stuff of, and lots of food pictures they could cut up and stick on to make a chart of foods they liked etc.  E was eyeing me suspiciously, but played along to start with.  They enjoyed picking out their favourite foods from all the pictures, and happily glued them on.  Then I made the mistake of suggesting they could colour them in as I had only printed in black and white.  The newly glued paper was not conducive to successful colouring in, it turned out.  The whole lot was hurled at me by E in a strop and it was all over. Humpf.

She is unteachable.  I know that.  She only wants to know what she learns herself, not what I want to force-feed her.  It is sooooo frustrating!

–As an aside – does anyone know where I could find resource/printouts showing what the foods you eat do for your body, e.g. apple – vitamin c – boosts your immune system?–

Home Education is so NOT the easy option.  Its frustrating, tiring, and full of mind-wrangling, life-changing decisions!  The whole weight is firmly on your shoulders.  I need a positive day to snap myself out this!!

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