Had to happen at some point

13 Jun

After a week of absolutely fantastic days, yesterday was abysmal. I always tell myself I should blog these sort of days, just to balance all the rest out!!

We started the day with B trying to paint the girls’ bedroom, a job he’s been putting off for months.  He was in a foul mood so was not interested in the girls wanting to ‘help’ him in any way!  I had to interrupt that because he had randomly decided the day before, while I was at the Science Festival, to book us into for 2 house viewings.  No, our house is not on the market, and no it wasn’t something we’d really been planning to do.  Anyway, we do most things on the spur of the moment! Viewing went well, luvverly house!

After that we raced straight to a local community ‘fun day’.  Man, what a swizz.  Everything cost £2, on our money saving trend, it didn’t go well.  It was boiling hot, there was no shade, we were all in a bit of a mood!  B had been enjoying himself, so he was in even more of a foul mood than earlier!  We went home in silence, and he went off to finish painting.  The girls were driving me mad as I had just realised they’d been painting with proper wall paint that they’d discovered, and covered the play room table, floor, bathroom, you name it, with the stuff.  I set to cleaning that up.  Meanwhile E had taken it upon herself to do painting (with her usual paint this time) in the living room, so B came down to find paint all over the carpet etc.  After being reprimanded for this in a huuuuuge way, she went outside to get away from us all cleaning up after her…but took her painting with her, along with one of our kitchen chairs and painted on that instead.  She really couldn’t win.  I was at the end of my tether, as I had to clean that up too.  It really was not the day for painting.

Horrible day!

Luckily we all woke up this morning in much happier moods and have had a very productive day!  Front garden dug up and transformed, it looked like a jungle before.  I planted out our sunflowers and some carrot seeds yesterday with E, so staked them today as they weren’t looking too great (the sunflowers, not the seeds!).  Hope I haven’t killed them off by moving them.  There have been non-stop children running through the place today, very sociable day!  And we aired the tent, oh and we cooked a roast dinner for tea.

Yep, much happier today!

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