I love pillows!

11 Jun

We’ve just got back from a week camping, and I had a wonderful nights sleep last night in my own bed, with a sprung mattress, a duvet and pillows!!!  We forgot the pillows…definitely need to remember them next time.

We spent the first 2 nights at The Wychwood Festival, then we relocated the tent to the south coast of Cornwall.

The festival was fantastic, we all had a great time, and the weather was glorious.  Plenty to do for the whole family, and I even experienced my first silent disco.  This was so surreal – a huge crowd of people, all wearing headphones, all singing at the tops of the voices to music you couldn’t hear!  There were 2 DJs to choose from, so everyone was singing and dancing to different music.  You’ve got to try it!  And we got within inches of the wonderful Justin Fletcher and his spotty, yellow satchel.  B tried to cajol E into pinching his bum, and she was having none of it, she was too busy pushing herself to the front of the gathered crowd.  She was wearing a brightly coloured top, so I now I need to keep an eye out for her in the October series of ‘Something Special’!

The lovely Justin

Setting up our tent in the crowd was an experience, and E decided immediately that she needed to make friends, so took H by the hand and stood themselves in a main thoroughfare and waited for friends!  In true E style, she befriended every child in the surrounding tents, and kept meeting them all round the festival grounds – you go girl!  I don’t know…these home ed kids, they really struggle with socialisation…!!

The move to Cornwall was a shock, as the weather was less than glorious and we had to put our tent up in a howling gale. Campsite was on the top of a cliff with absolutely no shelter, the gale was followed by torrential rain, so the first 2 nights we sat in our tent feeling very sorry for ourselves, grumbling that we hated camping!  After that the weather picked up and we escaped to Falmouth thinking that we could find indoor solace at the Maritime Museum, but after driving through the rain we arrived in the sunshine, and spent a happy couple of hours on the beach, before wandering round the harbour and the beautiful boutiquey shops.

L in his element!

The next day we went to the Eden Project, as we had really loved our last visit 2 yrs ago.  We had picked up a 2-for-1 voucher the day before so this softened the blow of the cost!!  But other than that, another fab day.  We spent most of the time exploring the ‘outdoor biome’, learning from the last visit to give the ‘rainforest biome’ a wide berth!  L had fun practising his walking round the ‘mediterranean biome’.  They girls loved all the colours, smells and textures of all the plants and the thoughtful little paths for kids to explore and discover.  It is a gorgeous place.

E and the giant Bee

On our last day, we packed up the tent and B was all for heading straight home as it was a bit blowy, but I persuaded him to let us hit the beach one last time.  We had driven past a beautiful looking bay a couple of days before, secluded, with its own cafe and parking on the beach front. We ended up being there for hours!  It had a fantastic array of rockpools which E loved exploring.  We found sea anemones, crabs, mussels, fish…lots to keep us urban dwellers happy!  She’s returned home with a huge beach collection of multi-coloured sea weed, crab legs (!), shiny rocks, and cockle, limpet, mussel, razor fish shells.

Happy times 🙂

E and her pink seaweed

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