These feet were made for walking

03 Jun

We’ve had a busy and varied day!  I’ve hardly seen E all day as she raced off first thing to a friend’s house.  I managed to drag her back for lunch, and again for a quick trip into town, but that is about it!  Socialisation – tick!

It has been mainly down to H and L to provide the entertainment today!  H has played with our marble run, and L climbed up on the table in order to join in!  I think I’ve now recovered all the marbles from all corners of the kitchen.

Before, during and after lunch she has been playing with letters.  She started out using the magnetic letters on the fridge, either telling me or asking me what each one was.  Her specialities are E, H, O, L, S, P and T.  She then moved onto lunch, and after eating a little bit, she decided it would be much more fun to arrange a packet of mini sausages into the letters of her name.  Then she pottered about and came back with 2 sticks, which she crossed, and asked me what it was.  I said it was a ‘T’.  She shook her head, no Amy used it to scare the vampires away in Dr Who!  Silly me…!  She went back to her letters and made her favourite “2 lines and 1 across” H with sticks, and her new ‘E’, that I’ve only just realised she knew!  Then she had to stick them all together with clothes pegs and shove them all in a buggy…

L has done nothing but practise walking all day! He’s walked to everyone, and everything, on floors, on the slippy patio, in the bath, on the sofa.  Everywhere! He’s revelling in his cleverness!!

As a random plug, a friend of mine has just set up a group on facebook called “What did you do today”, where you can post a photo of an activity from your day to share with everyone, to help give some ideas and inspiration to other home educators and stay at home parents! Now I’ve uncovered my camera from its hiding place, I can finally join in!

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