A funny old day

02 Jun

We’ve had one of those really uneventful days!  I’ve managed to empty the airing cupboard, that we usually have to wedge shut, which was fairly miraculous, and have just done continual washing ready for our hols.

You can definitely tell its half term and the weather is nice.  Our house is still vaguely tidy, as the kids have spent most of this week playing with their ‘school’ friends, i.e. friends who are normally at school!

We coasted through the morning, not really achieving a huge amount, then had a very rushed lunch before going to a local home ed meet.  Had a fun afternoon watching the kids play with all their friends, before heading home in the hope of finding B at home waiting for us.  As per usual he was nowhere to be seen, but we managed to get the car cleared out without him, ready to be packed to the gunnels with camping gear!

I took the kids to the park with one of their friends, and L showed off his new skills at climbing up to the slide then sliding down on his own.  H finds this hilarious and loves meeting him at the bottom and helping him up, ready to go again!

E is counting down sleeps till our hols!  She’s getting very excited, as are we!

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