Just keep swimming…

01 Jun

We’ve had a few fab moments today.  We’ve made playdough so that we could try out the random kits for making monsters etc I bought at the car boot.  I somehow managed to get the colour to go all marbled.   No idea how I managed it, and will probably never be able to get it to do it again!

We read stories by heart, saying one line each, and taking it in turns to do each character, then E discovered she could do different voices for each character.  That passed a fun few minutes, when we should’ve been getting dressed!

We’ve played charades using a kit I also got from the carboot (!!), which E really enjoyed.  We’ve got into watching ‘Copycats’ on CBBC, and we’ve been playing the charade/chinese whispers game, but I’m rubbish at ideas, so this kit is a good way at prompting us into action.

E had her swimming lesson this afternoon and has gone up a group!  True to form, she’s already having a crisis of confidence, it will mean lessons with a new teacher and in a bigger pool.  E doesn’t do change very well!  We’re going to encourage her to stick with it as she’s really good at it, she enjoys the lessons and loves showing us everything she’s learned each week, its a really useful skill to have, and its really fun all going swimming together as a family!

Meanwhile L is bringing through his canines so is a pain in the, well you know, but is taking more and more steps.  The girls get all excited everytime he walks towards them!

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