New post, new place

30 May

I’ve recently discovered WordPress, and have been developing another blog on here, so thought I’d import this blog over to see how it worked!

Its definitely got more gadgets…you gotta love gadgets!

We’ve had a busy and emotional weekend so far, and still one more day to go!  Today was recovering from staying up too late after another embarrassing defeat at the hands of the random Eurovision voters, a nice dose of wine and some good company; followed by frantic preparations for our first family car boot attempt!  I’ve been cultivating a pile of stuff too good to Freegle for a while, with an intent to eBay it, but of course haven’t.  We made a nice little profit, despite my attempts to spend it all on more tat…I mean bargains, and the girls on bouncy castle visits and ice lollies!

H still made time to show off her newfound writing skills.  Using the stickers I’d brought along to label our tat, she drew her favourite ‘H’s and ‘L’s, then showed me an ‘E’…didn’t know she knew what one of those was!…and a ‘P’ – this has been our letter of the week for ummm…2 weeks now…must change that! – and then an upside-down ‘P’, which I explained was a ‘b’!!

Today is also my Mum’s 62nd birthday – Happy Birthday Mum! – unfortunately she has spent the day in hospital, while they try to figure out why her heart keeps stopping.  We are all worried and hoping they can figure out what is going on as soon as possible and make her all better!

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