Eek – truancy police!

04 Feb

Think I’m still in a bit of shock to be honest!

B is home today, on compassionate leave as his Grandad died last week, the funeral was yesterday. I’ve got a horrible cold and am feeling very sorry for myself!

This morning H had to be taken to her gym class with her little friend C. Luckily B volunteered to take them as I couldn’t face it! C’s mum offered to have E over while the little ones were at the class, and they were going to make a chocolate cake – yum! E, as ever, was trying to exert her independence, and wanted to walk there herself, even though B was driving over to pick up C! They live a very short distance away, and she’s done it before. So off they all went.

I got a message from C’s mum saying she had E all safe, and she’d just realised she had no eggs, so cake was off, but they’d do biscuits instead. I then had a call from B telling me to get myself dressed as he’d been stopped by a policewoman as she’d seen E running between our houses! He’d explained and given our address to her, and he’d expected that she’d come over to ‘have a chat’…!

She hasn’t appeared, so all is calm now. Just in shock, as I’d never really thought about that aspect of things. I happily tell people if we are all out together, and some well-meaning shop keeper, bank person, librarian, doctor asks if there is no school today if E is there, that we HE. Somewhere, I have a card from the EHE advisors at the LEA saying we are home ed, but no idea where it is…. Is this the point where I need to get membership to an HE organisation – EO, ThenUK?? Proof!

I want E to have independence, obviously not at 5yrs, but gradually. It’ll be nice if she can go into one shop and get something, while I go to another to get something else, without being quizzed! Maybe she needs a badge, or a t-shirt…or a hat emblazoned with some HE slogan. Perhaps not, I just want to be us, fairly normal (!), not shouting it from the rooftops, but happy to explain about our freedoms and our learning.

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