New Year…New focus!

22 Jan

Well, I’m embracing the new year and all it brings. I’m organising a trip for local home educators to At-Bristol, an interactive science centre, with a workshop on the body, a session in the planetarium and plenty of time to play with all the exhibits.

Spurred on by this, I’ve volunteered to organise monthly trips to local places of interest. I’ve got to sit down and work out what to go to when…decisions decisions!

I’ve also signed us up for loads of different things to keep us busy, as previously we weren’t really doing any clubs. E was going to an art group before christmas, but they have changed the day so we can’t go anymore šŸ˜¦ This was a big shame as E loved going, but it clashed with Rainbows, and E decided that it was Rainbows she didn’t want to give up. I was just hoping I would come across another art-type group to plug the gap!

A Home Ed Circus Skills workshop had been advertised locally, and we decided to go along this week to see what it was all about. Also advertised at the same venue on the same day was a Young Artists Club…all sounded too good to be true!! It started off with lots of HE families joining in a warm-up game. E was terrified and immediately wanted to go home, but we stuck with it, as a box of juggling balls was hauled out…I have no juggling ability, so I happily practised with 1 ball!!! E had a go with 2, but generally just launched them at people’s heads – oops! We then moved onto plate-spinning, which was more successful, as E had got a plate-spinning set for christmas! I even managed to transfer the spinning plate to my finger, still spinning – class!! Then we had a go with a diablo. H did pretty well with this, in fact E and H both did far better than me!! L was in a sling and looked either bemused ar plain terrified at the balls, plates and diablos flying overhead!

They put all the equipment away, and dropped down from the ceiling: a trapeze, and thick rope, and another high trapeze with a rope (which you needed to climb to reach the trapeze!!). E’s mouth dropped open! After spending a while watching everyone else, we saw a very small girl having a go on the trapeze, this spurred E into believing that she could have a go herself! We queued up, and on her turn, she had to reach up and grab the trapeze, then swing her toes up onto the bar, then pull herself up into a sitting position. She did it – was really impressed! She decided that that was enough for a first attempt, and then got down. It was H’s turn next…she got easily up into the sitting position, then stood up and had to reach her hands up high onto the ropes on each side, and do the ‘stag’: lifting one foot up and putting it on the knee on the other leg!! What a star! E of course then realised she could have done anything her little sister could do, and wanted another go, so we had to queue up all over again! A succussful afternoon I thought!

This was followed by the Young Artists Group. I had no idea what ages it was aimed at, what they would be doing etc, but it turned out to be a very relaxed, unstructured group, mainly ages 5-9, with a different theme each week. This week was shadow puppets. They had laid out large pieces of cardboard, coloured plastic sheets, sticks, split pins, scissors, pencils. The lady running a group (apparently another home-edding Mum, and local artist) showed a few sample puppets, and how they worked on the light screens, and how you could use the colours to allow different coloured light through to contrast with the cardboard which wouldn’t let any light through. That was all the instruction, the rest was left to their imaginations!! There were horses, whales, turtles, mermaids, cars, flowers, butterflies…an amazing array of puppets. Some moved with use of split pins, some didn’t. Some were very colourful, some weren’t. Amazing. The first hour was spent making these wonderful things, and the second hour was spent putting them to use. There were 3 light screens in the room, one huge one, one medium one, both made of material stretched over a frame, with a bendy lamp behind. The third was a cardboard box with 2 pieces of paper sellotaped inside to look like a TV with screen, complete with milk bottle top stuck to the front for the dial šŸ™‚ They all played with their puppets, put on shows, played with coloured filters on the lights, fantastic, imaginative stuff. I was intending to take H out and had brought lots of games to keep her amused, but noone asked her to leave, so she joined in and had great fun!!

A friend has also decided to set up a new dance group for local mum to be able to dance along with their babies and children, as she is fed up of not being able to do dancing as she did pre-children as they are all in the evenings which is not easy to do with breastfeeding babies in the picture. Her speciality: belly dancing!! I’ve explained to E about the long flowing skirts, and have showed her pictures of the pretty belts and scarves you need to wear! She’s very excited!!

Right, think thats it for now, as I’m getting complaints about the lack of attention I’m giving, oh and E wants the computer!!

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