Phew, he’s back!

14 Nov

B has been working away all this week and only got back this afternoon. Luckily we’ve been mega busy trying to avoid thinking about the abandonment 😉

Tuesday we headed to the HE choir that’s been set up locally – new day, new venue so all change. Girls really enjoyed it, and E continued in her new confident vein, and joined in with the ‘name game’ which until now she’s refused to participate in. I think maybe the real E has been stolen and replaced with a new one… From there we headed off to a soft play centre to meet friends and they all set about exhausting themselves.

Wednesday I woke up with a migraine after baby L decided to be an uncharacteristic grump all night. We had a definite duvet day. Started with Shrek 3, moved on to Shrek 2, threw in a bit of Cbeebies, broke for lunch, then went for a wellie walk. It was all lovely actually! (apart from the migraine)

Thursday I left the girls with a friend to make mince pies while I went along to a baby group I help set up from time to time. I escaped back for lunch and to taste test the mince pies! We spent the afternoon educating my friend about the ‘fun’ that is junk modelling! Late afternoon we braved torrential rain to take E to a new art group we’ve decided to try. Once again the new E was in the room, and I was just settling myself in to be with her for the full hour and a half when she happily joined in from the start, saying her name clearly and loudly and joining in with the introduction to the session. I asked if I could go to the cafe next door for a while to stop H climbing the walls and E just shrugged and said she’d see me later! I’ve been waiting for 5 1/2 yrs for this! We came back an hour later as the cafe had closed, and she’d been fab the whole time and wants to go again next week. All good stuff.

Friday is a blur, involving visits to Sainsburys, the library and who knows where else!

This morning I took 3 children to an NCT nearly new sale. It was hellish, but kids behave beautifully! We then dashed back as E wanted to make things for a special tea for B coming back. She chose to make a banana cake and have crumpets with jam too! Think B enjoyed it!

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