I’m a proud parent today!

09 Nov

Been a pretty busy day today. Started off slowly, with kids watching TV, and me surfing while B was getting himself sorted to go and work away all week 😦 Unfortunately I learned once again that TV was dangerous stuff! First came the request to make ‘Easy Peasy Pizza’ following ‘I Can Cook’, quickly followed by a request to make ‘Splat Bugs’ after ‘Mister Maker’ – tut, TV should be banned!

Pizza was done solely by E, I ‘made’ the dough in the breadmaker, then E chopped all the toppings: tomatoes, mozzarella, peppers, ham and sweetcorn. It was absolutely yum, we all cleared our plates 😉

We invited friends over to do splat bugs. Luckily I had decided to buy a huge bottle of PVA glue at the scrapstore the other day, so I had everything required. Glitter was liberally sprinkled everywhere, and googly eyes were added, in H’s case, 4 eyes were used – its an alien bug apparently! We will have to wait until tomorrow for them to dry so we can peel them off and see what we have created!!! E is already trying to decide where to stick them!!!

I made some chocolate buns while they were busy gluing, and the girls helped me ice and decorate them while the pizza was cooking at tea time. Think they had fun, and am now out of sprinkles…! They are all mini works of art!

This evening E went to Rainbows. It was a special session as they were all doing their promise. It is a new unit, so they all joined at the same time, so are doing their promise at the same time. E had memorised the promise, and was looking forward to the party organised for it all. E is generally the one pressed against the wall or clinging onto my arm when there is lots of people she doesn’t know, so I thought the presence of all the parents tonight might break her confidence, but I was so wrong! They all grouped round and the leaders asked who wanted to go first – up shot E’s hand – I nearly fell off my chair!! She then said her promise word perfect, and looked really pleased as she got her badge and certificate and turned to me with a big grin 🙂 I was so proud of my confident, beautiful girl! Even more proud as it became apparent that none of the others had learned their promise. Oh well, smugness rules!!

E making her Promise. Apologies for the masked girlies, crude use of ‘Paint’ – eek.

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One response to “I’m a proud parent today!

  1. bazkirby

    November 9, 2009 at 11:20 pm

    Make that 2 proud parents.Today is a testament to all that Amanda has been doing with E. It is also a great validation of the decisions we have made (thank goodness!!)


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