Taking stock

07 Nov

Had a busy, but fun week. We stayed in most of the time as baby L and I have had stinking colds, so embracing the cold, wet weather outside wasn’t on my agenda!

Wednesday I had list of places I was meant to go, people we were meant to visit, but we ended up doing none of it, and had a fab day at home, with virtually no TV involved, and loads of puzzles, games, book reading and picture making. It was really fun.

Thursday we made our Christmas cake with friends. We made an extra big one, and will split it between the 2 families. Yum. E was all for having a slice when it was cooked, hard to explain she needs to wait nearly 2 months before she can have some…!! We made rocky road to make up for it!

Friday we went into town to visit B for lunch. I’d forgotten it was farmer’s market day, so we sat on a bench in the freezing cold drinking fresh soup and locally made doughnuts! We waved off B, and made a quick stop to buy E’s friend a birthday present, then went to our local Museum to look at their dinosaur exhibit (again!) and spent a happy hour or so doing dinosaur colouring, dinosaur puzzles and looking at dead stuffed foxes! Interesting topics of conversation following the recent viewing of Fantastic Mr Fox…! We then went to the library next door and read a few stories before realising that I was still reading and the girls were running laps round the room and taking it in turns to jump off the comfy sofas and land on the beanbags…we made a quick exit!

Today has been a blur! Part taking a breath of relief from the week, then off to the scrapstore (my second visit, still just as good!!), then to pick up B and the girls from the shopping spree, back home briefly for lunch before E’s playdate which ended up lasting all afternoon! Was really nice for E, and nice for us too! Then back for quick tea before venturing out for fireworks! E was the only one who could take the pace and stayed awake throughout! Her first year without tears as we remembered the ear defenders! Worked like a dream – she liked the pretty lights apparently!

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