30 Oct

I’m really excited about Halloween this year. I don’t usually, but E is really into it this year and has been singing her ‘i’m happy its halloween tomorrow’ song all day!!

I was just thinking about all the halloween themed things we’ve done/made/played in the last couple of weeks. Last week we went to a local home ed group and made pumpkin mosaics on paper plates. E and H both made them and are now stuck to our front windows. E had a go at apple bobbing and got really frustrated not being able to get one! When I suggested we do apple bobbing at home for halloween, she told me under no uncertain terms that it was for adults only! We also made halloween biscuits and played the mummy game where everyone got into pairs and wrapped eachother in toilet roll. E had so much fun and H kept running up to me asking where E had gone! We’re definitely playing that game tomorrow! B was absolutely amazed that E actually let someone wrap her in toilet roll!

This week E had a friend too play and her mum had bought a wooden halloween mask template (note to self – need to invest in some of these!). E made hers from orange card, which then painted a ghostly green colour, then covered it in gold glitter (which is now embedded across the floors in our house – I hate glitter!!). It looks fab! Today we have spent the day making halloween-themed food for a tea party tomorrow: marshmallow ghosts (marshmallows covered in white marzipan, with eyes drawn on), witches hats (choc crispie cake shaped into a hat, it totally failed, and are back to being rice crispie cakes!), pumpkin and pecan pie (looking forward to trying that!), toffee and caramel apples (I splashed out on a funky kit which included edible face stickers, so we have a cyclops apple with fangs etc!). Tomorrow we’re going to make Ghostly lemonade and Wizards Blood (man did I get a funny look in sainsbury’s today when I was talking to E about making this!! It’s Blackcurrant squash, cranberry juice and sparkling water by the way šŸ˜‰ ). Kids were more interested in stealing marshmallows and licking chocolatey spoons as usual, but was fun anyway! All E’s marshmallow ghosts were drawn with hair and pretty eyelashes!!

Looking forward to tomorrow and eating it all!! We’re also venturing out trick or treating for the first time at home – eek! We were trained up last year when we visited my parents who live in the US and we were taken trick or treating by a kind family who adopted us for the night and showed us the ropes US-style!

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