Henry VIII

19 Sep

We’ve had one of those manic family days where we think we’ve not got much on but end up here there and everywhere! B took the girls to the cinema this morning for the first time. They all loved it, even though they only went to see some awful Tinkerbell film! Baby L and I enjoyed the peace and quiet! I’ve been asked to write an article on going from being a mother working full-time to being a full-time stay-at-home mum, and the decisions and heart-ache along the way. Its proving to be an emotive subject, and really hard to write about! I made a start on it this morning, will probably take me another couple of goes!

We nipped into town so B could go phone shopping, while I took the girls into Waterstones. We were looking for books on Henry VIII, E’s current interest, and also a Dr Seuss book, as I keep hearing good things about them, but have never read one! I managed to find a Horrid Histories book called Henry VIII and his Six Wives which should do the job! H found a Chuggington book which plays the theme tune annoyingly over and over while talking about colours, numbers and shapes. It will keep her amused for hours!

We rushed home to get changed and go to a friend’s housewarming party, but decided to go via Ikea. Perhaps not the best plan in the world, but have come back armed with lots of useful stuff…and lots of dimebar sweets!

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