Must keep blog up to date…must keep blog up to date…

23 Aug

We’re starting to get back into the swing of things, following the arrival of Baby L, but it’ll probably still be a few more months until things are fully back under control 😉

We’re doing loads more activities now. We go to a local weekly HE Choir that has recently started, still going twice monthly to our local HE meeting, and we have started going swimming as a family again which is really good fun!

E is busy making friends here there and everywhere. We have new neighbours with similar aged children, so she has been getting to know them. Also she has recently made loads of new friendships at our HE group, helped by going camping with them all for a few days.

On a weekly basis we are doing nature activities (E got Wild bird, butterfly, flowers and insect spotter books for her birthday, and nature detectives club membership), cooking (cookies, muffins, jam tarts, crumble, playdough), music (we recently acquired a piano) which they really enjoy making with various instruments, crafts (air-drying clay, sticking, card making, drawing), and jumping on our new trampoline!

H has currently got chicken pox, so we have been stuck inside for the last few days (help!help!). E made her a beautiful card to help make her get better. She is very into drawing a picture then cutting it out and sticking it on another piece of paper. She has recently learnt how to write her full name, so now writes this on everything at every given opportunity. My brother has been staying this week having recently returned from his world travels and being homeless and jobless! E was writing her name once again for the card, and he showed her how to include her middle name. He was confused by the way she wrote her name, rather in a straight line she put each bit in a different place on the page. She then cut each part out, and glued it in a row!! There was method in her madness!

My task this week/month is to introduce 2 digit numbers. E still doesn’t recognise numbers easily above 10. We’ve started looking at them in the past few days, and I have a few ideas of how to bring them to life for her…will see how it goes…

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