Where did she learn that?!

04 Jul

We’ve accidentally fallen into doing some of that learning stuff I’ve heard speak of!

A few weeks ago we got a job-lot of books from freecycle, which included a book which showed you how to draw each letter of the alphabbet, with an integral magnetic doodle board. This sparked E’s interest and she has spent loads of time writing out all the letters over and over. This led to my first attempt at putting a workbook near her, and amazingly she sat and completed the first page with me.

Meanwhile, a few weeks ago we were visiting relatives, and we were sharing a picnic between 4 of us, but I had only taken 2 muffins with me. E was all for taking a whole for herself, until I pointed out that wouldn’t be fair. I asked her what we needed to do to share them between 4, and she said we needed to cut them in half. At the time I thought this mathematical gem was a fluke…but a couple of days ago she discovered my secret chocolate stash at the back of the fridge (mental note: install lockable chocolate safe) and proudly ran out to me and H in the garden and told me there was enough for 2 squares each, and there were indeed 6 squares!

She’s also started to do lots of adding with her fingers. She told me that 3 fingers plus 1 plus 1 was 5 fingers! And 2 fingers on one hand plus 2 on the other is 4 fingers etc. She keeps doing different combinations!

Her confidence and willingness to learn is really taking off. Its only taken nearly 7 months!

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