Sooo looking forward to this weekend…kind of!

22 May

Things are slowly coming under control, I’ve got an almost-routine to get us all started in the mornings, and we have gradually been doing more stuff together. We’ve made batches of playdough using this fab recipe I found in different colours, a calendar covered in sticky back plastic so E can practise writing the day and month and can see what we’ve got planned for the week, lots of cooking including chocolate chip cookies and rocky road (can you see the chocolate theme…!!!). We’ve been out and about quite a bit with trips out into town and visits to the local museum to stare at the dinosaurs! I’ve been collecting stuff together for various activities for use n emergencies!

I’ve been trying to gain control of the house too as standards have slipped even further than the usual low ones! Play room has been tidied and re-organised, and the kitchen was my task for the past week. We’ve lived here for about 18 months and things are still finding their place. I decided a few of the kitchen cupbord contents needed to be swapped around, so after a complete scrub and clean of the room I gradually got it done. Things are looking and working a lot better! I also had a trip to Dunelm Mill last weekend and got a few bits and pieces to help make life easier, including a fab PVC tablecloth, an idea I nicked from a friend, which is way easier to clean then my table with irritating grooves in it! Its a lovely bright (some might say, garish!) colour so really brightens up our kitchen. Must remember to take pics! So far the kitchen has survived a week in its new set-up and stayed clean and usable – impressive!

Baby L continues to grow and grow. He was 6 weeks last week and had all his checks and things, he’s putting on plenty of weight (don’t I know it!!), and is off the charts on his length, so definitely continuing the family tradition! His head is less wobbly and he’s very smiley and gurgly, he’s coming together nicely 😉 E is enjoying having the responsibility of holding him for short periods while I nip and get stuff/sort stuff out. He’s coping well with the constant attention from the girls.

I’ve been putting a lot of thought into ways of getting E out of the house and have contacted Rainbows so she is now on the waiting list for our local group so hopefully she can start soon after she turns 5 in July. I explained to E about Rainbows and Beavers and the differences between them, and she voted categorically for Rainbows – no boys and a t-shirt with a rainbow on!!

I’ve been wanting to try out a local dance class for a while which is aimed at families and mums with babies in slings etc, but didn’t fancy going along pregnant and was waiting for things to settle down now L has put in appearance. Anyway, this week I looked at their website and the group is apparently on an ‘extended summer break until september – typical! I then found a new class starting in the area called Pyjama Drama. I showed E the video on the website and she was totally hooked.

We went along for a taster session this morning, and both E and H joined in. E was unsure whether she wanted H there too, but actually it worked well. H will dive straight in and try anything, whereas E favours watching from the sidelines before gradually joining in. Because H was doing her usual routine E had no choice to join straight in – she couldn’t be shown up by little sis! L slept through the whole thing in my sling! The class itself was a little tame and a bit too structured for my liking – E got ever so slightly bored at one point – but they both enjoyed it, and I think it will be worthwhile going to for half a term or so, maybe until E starts Rainbows or something.

We’ve also been to our local HE group and the girls had a fab time, and L was a star, so that went well. I also managed to organise a playdate with one of E’s former school friends which they all enjoyed, so I need to organise more of them. E seems a lot more settled so I’ve succeeded in getting her more socialtime with kids her own age – phew! The calendar we made is helping her see what we have planned for this week and next, and means she doesn’t keep pestering me with questions about what is happening in the morning. For example if on monday morning I say we are doing something of interest on friday, I have spent the rest of the day explaining that friday is not in the morning, it is 4 days away. The calendar has helped give her perpective and she seems to have grasped the concept quite quicjly – thank goodness!!

Anyway, this weekend we are going camping…yep I think we are completely crazy with a 7 week old baby in tow, but hey! Wish us luck!!!

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