Taking our time…

08 May

Blimey, I’d forgotten how much longer everything takes with a small baby around, luckily E and H are being very patient, and enjoy baby L being around, which makes things a bit easier!

I’m having a general HE wobble at the moment. Partly because I can see that E could benefit from being out of the house away from all the baby stuff for a break i.e. school, but know that she would enjoy a couple of hours of it here and there, but not 5 full days a week of it! And partly because I feel/know I’m not doing anything constructive at the moment HE-wise. This is despite the fact that I keep kicking myself and saying sternly that E is only 4, and doesn’t need to be in full-time education.

Our craft cupboard is well-stocked at the moment, so E has been inventing her own activities and has been very good at keeping herself busy. We’re doing lots of visits to the park, library, cooking when we can, and playing with friends. This is my other issue, I need to make a big effort to find E some more friends of similar age. We have missed the last couple of local HE groups, so I need to make an effort to go to these.

H in the meantime is determined to show me how amazing autonomous learning is. She proudly showed off some scribblings earlier this week, where she had managed to scribble a round shape, announcing she’d drawn a Numberjack, Zero! She had also brought me a puzzle piece on another occasion with a ‘3’ on it, and she told me what it was! She’s cottoned on to the fact that writing actually means something, and points to words and asks what they say, then makes up her own meanings for each word.

Any advice on how to get back on track gratefully received!!

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