Why I love autonomous learning!

21 Mar

We’ve spent most of the day out at a local country park, where the kids have been busy climbing trees, and other childhood building stuff! Its been a fab day, and I can’t believe E has managed to catch the sun in the middle of march.

We are planning on having friends over this evening, mainly as fed up waiting for baby as it messed me around yesterday! My friend, C, had the idea of putting signs on doors we don’t won’t the kids playing in as there is lots of new baby stuff everywhere. I put E to work on this, and she decided that we were going to write ‘Yes’ on one side of the paper, and ‘No’ on the other. This is far less complicated than my ‘Cleaned for baby – Keep out!’ idea!! Anyway, she started writing ‘yes’, working out what letters she needed, and also which side to put the tail on the ‘y’! Then she moved on to the ‘e’ and the ‘s’, both of which are in her name, and since starting school has written them the wrong the way round. Out of the blue, she wrote first the ‘e’ perfectly, then the ‘s’ the right way round. No prompting from me! I was reading it upside down, and was trying to figure it if she’d just done what I thought she had!! I then did a stupid mummy scream as I was so amazed! She sat tracing the ‘s’ with her finger for a while, sorting out what she’d done in her head I guess. Then I suggested we write her name underneath, and she did, with the same letters the right way round, again, no prompting. I can’t believe she’s done that, all by herself.

I’ve done my best not to go on about the letters being the wrong way round, hoping she’d figure it out on her own, without me getting her to practise ad infinitum! Hope its not a fluke…!!

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