Another busy week…

19 Mar

Last week we decided to go on a random mini-holiday which was loads of fun. B usually works away for part of the week, and usually we wave him off at the door, but this time we went with him. The kids thought the hotel was lots of fun, and B got to be not so lonely in the evenings! There was a swimming pool, so we spent lots of time in there tiring the girlies out!!

On the way back from our trip we stopped off in Swindon and picked up loads of baby supplies that I keep putting off getting, and also got new shoes for H, how dare she go up a whole size without me realising?!! Sunday we went to a little friend’s 3 rd birthday party, it was a fantastic family occasion, and we all had loads of fun.

Sunday night E planned exactly what she was going to do when we got up on Monday, so I didn’t need to plan anything! She re-discovered her bookcase and realised that there were loads of books she either hadn’t read for ages, or had never read. She also found an activity book of finger puppet fairies, that you press out, and put together a background carousel-thing to use to make up stories. So guess what we did on Monday?! Oh and she realised that if she banged on my birth ball with a stick it makes a fab noise, so that was put on the list to do, as it was driving me crazy in the evening when she should have been in bed!

Tuesday we had friends over to play in the morning, so my friend J could get her online grocery shopping done while her children were distracted!! We explored our local park in the afternoon which was loads of fun for the girls, though walking ain’t so fun for me at the moment!

Today was a frustrating day, I had to wait in ALL morning for the midwife to come round. I also realised over breakfast that the cupboards were running very low, so thought I’d better get on and order our shopping, but this turned out to be a nightmare as the website had lost all our details, so a shop that usually takes me 20 minutes to sort, took well over an hour. E was climbing the walls, and I was rubbish at recognising her boredom and doing something about it. Everything she suggested involved lots of mess I couldn’t face! In the end she agreed to help me tidy up her playroom if she could play with lentils – E for some reason LOVES doing this. She ran off and got one of my mixing bowls, and a measuring jug, and I dug out red and yellow lentils and some red kidney beans I’d stashed away for her. H decided this looked fun, so she got a baking tray and a couple of scoops to play with. E then requested wooden spoons, kitchen roll tubes etc to add to the fun. Later she made ‘eggs’ by pouring the lentils and beans into an empty egg box, and also constructed a rolling pin to roll the lentils out onto a tray so they were all flat. She was very pleased with herself for making one rather than using a real one!!

H has rediscovered our Mr Potato Head set, and has been trailing it around with her the past few days. She seems happy to sit for ages playing with it. She’s also into building towers out of whatever she can find. Today was duplo. She has also suddenly grasped colours, long after I’d given up trying to teach them to her. She is now happily telling me what colour everything is that she touches!

E has been conducting random questioning sessions. So far this week we have covered caesarians (ouch), why people sometimes wear poppies and why we need to remember people, where do baddies live. This last one is proving interesting, she keeps asking in depth questions about the soldiers in her toy fort, as to which ones are goodies and baddies. She has a very black and white view of whether people are good or bad, so trying to explain that her dad (a magistrate) sees people who have been bad, but actually may not have meant to have been (driving offences etc), is a confusing concept!

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