08 Mar

Now I’ve started thinking about it, we’ve been quite busy this week. On wednesday we had been to our local HE group and E had made an indoor garden in an old Roses tin. She had a gravel area, a stone path, a little pond, and had arranged leaves artistically round the pond. Unfortunately she was carrying it out to the car and dropped in the car park – cue lots of tears! So Thursday’s job was to recreate her masterpiece! Luckily B was off work in the morning, so he helped E create a new garden in her tin, with rosemary trees etc. It looks fab, but H decided everytime she saw it it needed watering, so it has been flooded several times – very apt for our part of the world! It’s now been carefully placed out of H’s reach!

Our Tree of Life poster arrived from the OU, and I’d cleverly had it addressed to E, so she was overjoyed to have post of her own! She eagerly opened it up, took one look and claimed it was boring, and chucked it aside! I opened it out and got her to come and have a look at it, and talked about all the different animals, and how they were all connected, and she came round. Its now stuck up on the wall so she can look at it anytime, she’s quite fascinated by it now. Phew!

I had a midwife appointment in the afternoon. H was talking to me about what the lady would do to me this time, and when we went in said ‘lady look at your arm now’, so the midwife took the hint and checked my blood pressure. Then H told me I should be lying on the bed now, so we went over listened to the baby’s heartbeat, while H held my hand. When that was done, H pulled my top down and said it was time to go, and headed for the door!!

On friday we attempted a few more of the science week challenges. I’d armed myself with a bottle of lemonade, a packet of raisins and some balloons. We attempted the raisin in the lemonade trick, and E watched interestedly for a few seconds before looking at me and asking what it was meant to do!! We eventually got it moving, but it didn’t really capture her, so we moved onto trying to inflate a balloon with the lemonade. I had put the lemonade in the balloon then tied it up and shaken it. It did inflate a bit, not much. B came home and told me I was doing it all wrong, and the balloon should go over the top of the bottle. We did that and the balloon blew up beautifully! H found the lemonade filled balloon, and thought it was great fun to play with – it probably feels nice and squidgy to her!

E had moved onto playing with a cup of lemonade I’d poured to do the raisin trick, and ran off to get some sugar to pour in, which gave a satisfying fizz. I got out some bicarbonate of soda, and she put that in, but it just sank to the bottom. We then added washing up liquid, and then E decided it needed some colour so she added some blackcurrant squash, then some pink grapefruit! I remembered about vinegar, so she put in some of that, which made it foam a bit, but nothing spectacular. She decided to grind some salt and pepper on the top to decorate it. I then thought that maybe hundreds and thousands would look cool, so handed her the pot. E dutifully poured some in, and wow! It immediately foamed up and all over the table!! What on earth is in hundreds and thousands?!!!!

I did a google search for games to help with capital letter recognition, and picked one for E to try, which involved matching the lower case and upper case of the same letter together. She found this really easy, and lost interest halfway through, so I don’t think that is the problem, she obviously knows these. So I think the issue isn’t recognition of the letters, but probably just writing them. So need to do some practise! I dug out some workbooks I’ve had for ages, and she’s had fun doing some of the games in them, so I will see if I can find some relevant exercises in there!

I also invested in some Hama beads for E this week, as she’s played with them at her friends’ house before and enjoyed it, and she’s really good with fiddly things like that. She’s asked to play with them everyday, so they’re getting lots of use!

They are both currently downstairs playing with playdough, they’ve been playing really well together this week – its about time!

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