Wednesday wonderings

27 Feb

Wednesday we went to a friends house to play for the morning, and sneak cuddles with her gorgeous new baby. H showed me how fantastic she is going to be as a big sister, and even when she hurt herself and was really upset, she only snuggled up beside me for a cuddle and didn’t try and push the baby off my knee like E would have done at the same age!!

Wednesday afternoon was spent at our local HE group. It exhausted them as usual! They weren’t too interested in the optical illusion activity laid out, but more than happy to run around outside with all their new friends and snack constantly all afternoon!! Boy do they sleep well on wednesday nights!! I’m having a really interesting time meeting the parents of other HE’d children, as everyone has a different reason for taking the HE route, and have different views on how they’re going to educate their children. I know several people taking the autonomous route, but am now meeting people who are more rigid, and follow a curriculum etc. The more I read about different learning styles, the more I am drawn to autonomous learning, it just seems to make more sense. It helps that E is constantly demonstrating that it is working, even when I’m worrying that we maybe haven’t been actively doing as much as I would like some days.

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