tuesday – monster making

24 Feb

I’m exhausted and the day isn’t even over yet!

This morning we went swimming. The girls both had fun, though it was definitely H who got more out of today, she has totally got the knack of this swimming malarkey, and we went into the learner pool where she happily jumped in from the side, then floated and kicked to the steps and got out and went again. She even worked out how to get to the side and climb out on her own. E was a little more reticent in the learner pool, but got her groove back in the little pool where she has the most confidence. She definitely has boundaries to her confidence!

This afternoon, we made ‘foaming monsters’ from a fab book of science experiments we bought a few weeks ago for some fun ideas for things to do.

First we made the monster, complete with tail, arms, legs, wings and googly eyes!

Then we added vinegar, washing up liquid, food colouring and bicarbonate of soda, and waited…

After an impatient wait, and a bit of shaking it to get it going, we got this:

And 2 very excited children, who eventually came out from under the table to see what happened!!

We need to restock with vinegar before having another go!

Right…off to make pancakes…a mother’s work is never done 😉

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